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Daily Diary: I Hope My Doctor Isn’t Reading This Because I Cheated Yesterday



I know I should just wait the three days… but I’m getting antsy folks! The kids had off from school and I just wanted to go out to eat lunch with the family. I walked to the car, walked to my table and sat down for the rest of the time. There was no running around.

And it was awesome! 20130122-091354.jpg


Benihanna is my favorite restaurant on the planet! And I took full advantage of that hibachi. Ate every last bite. It’s been 4+ months since my last visit. Seriously… it was like a Christmas miracle. 🙂



The kids spent their time drawing pictures and watching the show. 20130122-091406.jpgI soaked in every last second of it all.

I know I was cheating… but there’s just 3 days left! I’ll be 34 weeks on FRIDAY! I can’t believe I made it. I really can’t. What a ride. But it will all be worth it in the end.

* PS outfit is from Thyme Maternity

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