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Gearing Up For Baby: I Have SO Much To Do (VIDEO)

Sure we have our crib and stroller (review on that coming up!)… but what about all the little things? Who the heck remembers?

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  1. if you are bottle feeding your baby similac makes newborn premade bottles all you have to do is throw a nipple on top and thats it. As for the rest of the baby stuff id say get some onesies, sheets and diapers because maybe people will be coming with presents when they come see the baby

  2. Don’t forget you’ll need baby soap/shampoo/lotion, towels/washclothes and a baby tub too. I also agree with Mary, you really only need onesies at this point, but having a good warm outfit would be good to, for those trips to the doctors. And of course baby wipes, baby nail clippers, maybe some gas relief drops just in case (better to have and not need then need and not have at 2am!) Congratulations, I’m very excited for you! My daughter just turned 18 months old and I feel the twinge of missing the baby stage already (I know I’m crazy, LOL!).

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