Signed Up For Hulu Plus And Sort Of Loving It

I’ve been wanting to watch a particular show (which I will write about next) for quite some time now but since Blockbuster stores are no longer in business… I was having a hard time starting at the beginning. Yesterday, my family came over for New Year’s Eve (I will write about that in a bit lol) and my cousin told me she lives and breathes Hulu Plus.

She even removed cable from her house because of it! That’s how satisfied she’s been. I wouldn’t go that far because we are big movie fans and I’m not that progressive. I still need cable and a house phone at this point in my life even though I know it would be cheaper to use the online alternatives.

When everyone left, I signed up for Hulu Plus. They are having a 1 week trial right now so there’s not that much pressure. It’s actually my intent to use it as much as possible for the week and see where that leaves me after 7 days.

Do you use Hulu Plus? Basically every show that’s on television that’s popular is placed on Hulu Plus the very next day. If you wanted to start watching a series but had issue with timing and missed several episodes – you are saved! All for $7.99 a month!

Click here to check it out.

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