Vlov Spring/ Summer 2013 #NYFW #MBFW

I had the chance to attend the Vlov Spring/ Summer 2013 show at Lincoln Center for New York Fashion Week. Vlov is a menswear brand that focuses on chic, streamlined looks for the man who wants to look perfectly put-together and coordinated.

Designer, Qing Qing Wu, said,

“Tranquility and the serene sense of calmness influences my designs, this season. I want to express this through the ease of silhouette, my soothing colors, the use of wash effects and crinkled silks and linens.”

This was evident in his treatment of the clothing. If you’re looking for over-the-top items that draw negative attention to you before you even speak, don’t look here. These clothes make a clear, concise but subtle statement from the first glance. They speak of elegance, confidence, an effortlessly perfect fit and an air of a man that knows his clothes and knows what works for him.

I loved the use of blue, for suits. It’s completely unexpected and makes me wonder how it hasn’t been done in such a handsome manner before.

Men in sandals usually mean a man that is confident about his feet and doesn’t care what people think about his fashion choices. He wants comfort and that is most important.

The Spring/ Summer Collection by Vlov is a stylish collection of well-made suits and pieces that defines the man who wears them.

Tabitha St. Bernard

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