Looking For Clear Skin? I’m About To Rock Your World


I already showed you what Bill bought me for Christmas, but I didn’t tell you about this part because I wanted to try it out first to see if it worked. Have you heard of the Mario Badescu skin care line? Me neither!! It’s been around since before I was born and it reasonably priced (under $20 a bottle).


I suffer from terrible skin – I’m talking adult acne. Not my whole life mind you. It started when I started taking daily medicine for migraines a few years back. I don’t know WHY but now I have issues. Well, I’ve always had issues – now I have SKIN issues. πŸ™‚

Bill picked up the Keratoplast Cleansing Lotion (which is toner) and the Keratoplast Cream Soap for me and I used it for about a week straight. I don’t wash with soap in the morning – I just do a water splash and then use toner. At night is when I use the soap on my face.

Anyway – in about a week – there is a noticeable difference with my face. It’s amazing! I can’t get over how inexpensive the whole thing is too!!!

The full line is available here.

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  1. I was wondering if you are using these products with the Olay Professional Pro-X Cleaning System/Mechanical Brush? I know you recommended that as well. Do you use the Olay brush with the Renewal Cleanser or are you using the Mario Badescu cream with that now? I would love the diminish (eradicate) my adult acne but I can not seem to commit to any multi-step program. I wash with water in the morning too and have found many of those system type skincare lines really aggravate my skin if I use them as they suggest.

  2. Are you taking topamax? Because I’m taking topamax for migraines and my skin is awful. I’ve put the two together until I read this.

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