10 Things To Remember While Vacationing With Kids #travel

We just spent the last few days running around Pennsylvania. I have SO MANY POSTS to write up. Between Hershey Park and Lancaster (coming soon), the family really had a ball.

But through it all there were some hard lessons to be learned (by the parents). I thought I’d share them with you just in case you have a trip coming up:

  1. This isn’t a test. You don’t have to accomplish everything on your list in order to have a successful day. Do what you can and call it a night. There are no badges being rewarded at the end of your stay.
  2. Pack a little cooler with water bottles. I have never seen such expensive WATER. Even if it’s for the road while you are in the car, be sure to pack a bottle per family member. Save yourself some money. Better yet – pack an entire case in the trunk of your car and replenish your cooler daily.
  3. It’s ok to have dessert several times a day while on vacation. I am pretty strict when it comes to this and I had to let it go this trip. We were in HERSHEY for goodness sake. The kids enjoyed chocolate bars and ice cream wherever we went. They are only children once, right? If not now… then when?
  4. If you are an iPhone user, don’t forget to charge up your mophie pack. UGH – I forgot and had trouble each night because I was using my phone as my camera. My darn battery died daily.
  5. Bring extra underwear for everyone. The kids were so sweaty each night and it was nice to be able to give them an extra bath and clean underwear.
  6. Bring a backpack to walk around with. My husband was responsible for the towels, the drinks, the sunscreen – etc. You name it – it was in his bag. It’s a really easy way to free up your hands.
  7. Carry around baby wipes even if you don’t have babies. It’s always a bonus when  you can wipe down a table before eating OR clean the sticky candy off your kids after they are done with their snacks.
  8. If you are planning a long trip, have a fun bag and only give out items after your children are absolutely bored with the last play thing. For example, I bought the kids these super long lollipops while visiting the Amish. I made them eat them in their entirety before handing over their DS machines. We had a 4.5 hour car ride home. This really helped split things up.
  9. On the same DS  vein, have a CAR CHARGER. It’s worth every penny.
  10. Last but not least – don’t forget to stop and smell the flowers. Truly. Embrace those moments when the kids just want to run around on the grass. It doesn’t always have to be some major attraction. It could just be good ol’ family bonding on the road.

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