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10 Ridiculously Easy Halloween Arts And Crafts Projects To Do With Kids

I’m not that crafty. But my kids still look to me for some arts and crafts fun. Halloween is right around the corner. YES I SAID IT! So, I’m starting to collect spook-tacular tutorials that we can all follow… and yes, that includes us beginners.




1. Paper Plate Spider Web // 2. Q Tip Skeleton // 3. Pasta Skeleton // 4. Trick or Treat Footprint Art // 5. Tissue Paper Pumpkin // 6. Halloween Pudding Cups // 7. Craft Stick Mummy // 8. Mr. and Mrs. Frankenstein // 9.  Pumpkin Paper Plate Mask


 10. And then my personal favorite – the Water Bottle Pumpkins!

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