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10 Reasons Why You Have To Visit Generations Riviera Maya By Karisma In Mexico

Are you looking for a fabulous vacation? You need to check out Generations Riviera Maya by Karisma in Mexico. You want gourmet inclusive?  You need to check out the Generations Riviera Maya by Karisma in Mexico. You want white beaches and crystal blue skies? Well, I have the perfect place for you!

Generations Riviera Maya by Karisma

I finally made it to Mexico. Sure, Lady and the Blog has reviewed this sunny destination time and time again, but never through my own eyes. I’ve always sent a writer. Three weeks ago, I flew down south with all the maxi dresses my suitcase could fit and attended a press trip I will never forget.

10 Reasons Why You Have To Visit Generations Riviera Maya By Karisma In Mexico

pool at Generations Riviera Maya by Karisma

Where did I stay? Karisma Generations Riviera Maya. It’s a brand new property and totally WORTH checking out. The hotel property was WIDE and not LONG which meant that there was PLENTY of beachfront space to claim and pools to dive into. They weren’t messing around during the pre-plan developments.

I mean … just look at this pool. Palm trees and happiness.

Generations Riviera Maya by Karisma in Mexico

I wanted to write up a little bit about my stay and tell you why you should head on down to Generations Riviera Maya by Karisma. I rounded up my top 10 reasons… my favorite moments!! Ready? ** BONUS: USE CODE LADYBLOG when booking between now and 8/14/14 to receive $100 resort credit ($50 pp towards spa service, or other hotel experiences) **

(a look at the kiddie pool — check out the kid-sized seats)

mexico destinations

 (great kid fountains)

#10 – Pools throughout the property

fountains at Generations

A resort wouldn’t be complete without a spa, right? We had the opportunity to test out a massage and I had a wonderful experience jumping in and out of all the different pools (hot and cold). You have access to the spa the entire day you book your appointment. Take advantage!

spa in Generations Riviera Maya

The one thing that I regret not doing was the spiritual cleansing ritual. You need four people to do it and my group just wasn’t interested. I was devastated (on the inside). I understood that everyone wanted to get some sun… but I kept thinking that the sun will always be around.

How many times will we be faced with such an opportunity? ONE!!!! Sadly, I left without taking part in the experience.

I didn’t say anything because I didn’t want to ruin their fun, but BOO!!! If you do happen to make it to Generations Riviera Maya by Karisma – do this!!

#9 – Spa

balcony pool karisma
balcony pool mexico

 (the pool off the balconies attach – if you come with friends make sure to ask for rooms next to one another)

If you look outside of your room… you will find a fantastic surprise. Every room has a swimming pool off their balcony – and they all connect. WHAT?! Yes, you read that correctly.

#8 Swimming Pool off Room Balcony

Think about if you were at this resort with your children and you didn’t have the energy to take them down to the big pool. You can just let them go out here! Or how about if it’s just you and your spouse? What a romantic evening! Champagne by candlelight.

fresh food

 (Mediterranean small plates to start)

japanese trip creme brulee

(from another night – Japanese trio: creme brûlée)

Now, let’s talk about the food. The food is considered “gourmet inclusive” – not just inclusive. It’s a step up from the rest. If you’ve gone to all-inclusive hotels… you know that sometimes the food can be blah.

Well, at Generations Riviera Maya by Karisma I had one amazing meal after the next. And with 13 restaurants to choose from, you won’t be complaining come meal time.

There’s so many different options including sushi, Mediterranean, Latin fusion, classic Southwest and more.

#7 Gourmet Inclusive

I am a SUPER picky eater. Let me just get that out there. And I enjoyed every single meal that I ate at this resort. If you don’t want to eat at the Karisma Generations, you can always walk over to one of the other two properties and pick from there.

That’s right! If you stay at one property, you get to enjoy the amenities of the other two sister properties. So easy considering they are right next door to one another.

What else does Gourmet Inclusive mean?

  • Includes 5-star services such as beach butlers
  • 24-hour in-room dining
  • sommeliers
  • all meals are prepared with the freshest ingredients
freshest ingredients in mexico

Now, let’s talk about that last bullet point. The freshest ingredients. How fresh is fresh? F-R-E-S-H! I went to the greenhouse where most of the vegetables, herbs and fruits are grown. And they aren’t kidding! They’ve dedicated over 100,000 square feet to guaranteeing you have the best experiencing when dining on property.

#6 The Greenhouse

beaches in mexico

(the beach – you can see the yoga studio overlooking the water)

doing yoga at Generations Riviera Maya by Karisma

(the girls after our yoga class)

If you wanted to take part in a morning activity, there is a complete schedule for you to leaf through. If you want to go canoeing, you can go canoeing. If you want to do yoga, you can go ahead and do that instead. You know which one I opted for!

It was so unbelievably pleasant to do yoga and hear the sounds of the ocean surround you at Generations Riviera Maya by Karisma. My goodness – if only I could bottle that up and take it home with me!

#5 Yoga on the Beach

Generations Riviera Maya by Karisma

Wine pairing dinners were so much fun! Not only did you get to enjoy an amazing meal, but you got to learn a little bit about which wine worked best with which flavors. I LOVED IT!

This particular night, we enjoyed a meal that was being cooked right before our eyes… on a big screen! Yes, it was a virtual show. Cameras were on the chef so the entire audience had a front row view. So much FUN! ( * this is extra)

#4 Wine Pairing Meals 

horse back riding

I am not even going to FAKE THE FUNK. I was petrified on this horse. Scared out of my mind. Ask me how long I lasted. Ask me. .0425 seconds. I was like… OK TAKE ME OFF! I’m from the city!!!

Actually, I’m pretty sure that’s what I told the cowboy. And I’m not being funny. I think I really did scream that to him. But the rest of the group walked off into the sunset (ok, it was like 2PM but it sounds better when you write “sunset”) and they enjoyed their trail.

Me? I hung out by the pool safely on the ground. I couldn’t do it. I have trust issues. Nothing personal against the horse.

Why is this one of my reasons why you should visit  Karisma Generations Riviera Maya in Mexico? Because it’s right on property! You don’t have to leave the resort!!! You can enjoy something fun like this without venturing too far away from your home base. I really loved that.

#3 Horseback Riding

Screen Shot 2014-06-03 at 2.10.11 PM

Relaxation should be number 1 but this list isn’t in any particular order. I cannot tell you how many different places there are to just lay down. Cabanas, beds, chairs, lounges – everywhere at Generations Riviera Maya by Karisma! They want you to let it all go and just enjoy. How can you say no to that kind of request?

#2 A million ways to relax at Generations Riviera Maya By Karisma

kids club at Generations Riviera
kids club at Karisma
rock climbing wall at Generations Riviera Maya by Karisma

The Generations Riviera Maya By Karisma kids club. Let’s talk about it! There’s services available at the center and then there’s services available on the actual beach.

So, let’s say that you and your husband want to run into the water for 15 minutes but you have your baby with you and you don’t want to take her. You can put your baby in the babysitting area for 15 minutes just so you can go and take a dip. I thought that was BRILLIANT! And it’s included at Generations Riviera Maya by Karisma! You don’t have to pay extra for that service. Come on!

For more information about the Karisma Generations Riviera Maya, visit their website. If you are planning a trip to Mexico, you NEED to check this one OUT. ** BONUS: USE CODE LADYBLOG when booking between now and 8/14/14 to receive $100 resort credit ($50 pp towards spa service, or other hotel experiences) **


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Wednesday 4th of June 2014

Riviera Maya is my next stop! It looks glorious!

Audrey McClelland

Wednesday 4th of June 2014

HAD THE BEST TIME!! The place was fabulous and is perfect for families! GREAT recap and awesome post!


Wednesday 4th of June 2014

I want to go here! It looks incredible! Great post!


Wednesday 4th of June 2014

This place looks amazing!! Must. Go. Now.

Nicole Feliciano

Wednesday 4th of June 2014

Looks like the perfect place to customize a holiday--go active or go with serenity. Just love this resort.

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