You Know You Are Doing Something Right When…

your children KNOCK OUT as soon they get in the car.

Our kids have been having such a great time that they practically collapse every time we get them seated. This picture was so funny to me because Natalie’s mouth is WIDE OPEN. She is completely asleep with her sunglasses on… and her babies on her lap. She loves those babies. Before she went to sleep Natalie made sure her dolls were positioned properly.

It’s really so innocent and sweet.

This time passes quickly and I’m very aware of that – so  I’m embracing every moment with these two. My little one is starting Kindergarten in a few weeks which means SOMEHOW 5 YEARS HAVE PASSED US BY.

Do you ever get this feeling?

We were talking to someone at the park yesterday and he said his children were 32 and 33 – just like Bill and me. He said as soon as they hit school it was all over. He blinked and they were in High School. Blinked again and they were in college. Got me thinking of ways to slow things down.

Guess the remedy to this issue is just to enjoy every moment… even the ones filled with drool. 🙂

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