Is The Disney Souvenir Cup Worth It?

I’m in Orlando for a few days with my bestie,  Audrey McClelland and finally splurged on one of those Disney Souvenir cups. I’m spending a few days here on property at a Disney hotel and I thought it would make sense for me to try to save some money and buy one of these plastic cups that promise free refills every time I bring it with me to the dining room. 

I wasn’t sure if I would get my money back. I mean, a soda really isn’t that expensive is it? Do I really drink that many beverages in a day? Would I make use of my Disney souvenir cup to the point that I would start earning money back? These were all the questions that were running through my mind. But like a sucker, I still handed over my credit card because anything that has Minnie Mouse on it is alright by me. 

I am on vacation after all…. 

Is The Disney Souvenir Cup Worth It?

Is The Disney Souvenir Cup Worth It?

In case you were wondering, this cup was $15 and offered unlimited refills. UNLIMITED.

People, I’ve already made my money back!! Literally! It’s so darn hot down here that you can’t help but keep drinking.

I don’t know why I never bought one of these mugs before. I’ve been to Disney a ba-zillion times over the last few years and have always ignored this deal.

If you are planning on heading down to Walt Disney World – consider the souvenir mug! I have 3 days left of free drinks and you KNOW I am going to stay uber-hydrated. I’m going to get hand cramps from pouring so much soda. It’s going to start hurting! 

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  1. Jay Cee wrote:

    We just spent a week at WDW for our 3-yr-old’s B-day, and though the mugs appear to be a great bargain, they are useless in the parks. You can only fill them at the hotel dining areas. Here’s the trick; buy a meal plan when going to Disney and you get the mugs free. When you purchase your morning meal before heading off to the park of your choice, use the mug to get your “free” morning coffee (or other beverage) and then get a bottled water or juice which will be free with the meal plan. You may not be able to refill the mug in the park, but you can bring that ice cold bottle of water/juice in without any issue!

    Posted 5.25.12

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