Who Needs A Massage? Here’s A Few Tips For The Face, Head And Scalp

Sometimes you just can’t make it to the spa for a massage. Times are hard. Money is tight… but so is your back. Instead of silently suffering, tell your significant other to read this post!! Can’t wait for Romeo to get his act together? No worries — you can do all these moves on your own. The good people from Women’s Health magazine sent me these great massage tips that I just had to share.

Who Needs A Massage?

Face: Steady, rhythmic pressure in certain areas leads the blood to fully infuse the skin tissue, leaving it nourished and glowing. Rubbing upward can also prevent wrinkles and stop the skin from sagging.

  • You should do this every day unless you have very sensitive skin or a condition like rosacea, which can become aggravated by too much fussing. You should use a facial serum, which can help avoid tugging on the fragile skin such as Clarisonic ($195, sephora.com)
  • DIY: Start with a generous amount of serum or moisturizer; face your palms inward and hold them horizontally. With upward strokes, one hand quickly following the other, massage your cheeks and neck from left to right. Next, apply pressure with your middle fingers to the inner corners of your eyes and circle around the socket three times. Finish by applying gentle, steady pressure on your temples with your middle and ring fingers.

Head and Scalp: Many women spend hours on their hair but totally neglect their scalp. “The healthy and vitality of your scalp is the foundation of your hair’s growth and health” says Elizabeth Cunnane-Phill, a trichologist at the Philip Kingsley Trichological Centre in New York City. Massaging the scalp helps boost blood flow which can reduce dandruff.

  • A few minutes of this a day relaxes and revives your head. Opt for a nonmechanical method, such as the Philip Kingsley Scalp Mask ($7, philipkingsley.com) which has a menthol base to further enhance circulation and decrease flaking. If your hair isn’t already wet, coat it with a rich conditioner before you start massaging.
  • DIY: Using all 10 fingers, start at your temples and gently massage your head in a circular motion. Continue working upward through the front of your hairline and then move back toward the crown, ending at the nape of your neck. Repeat three times for five minutes.

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