What’s The Point Of Owning The Hottest Toy If It Doesn’t Work? @rayovac

Each season, parents spend a TON of money securing the hottest toys for their little ones. Personally, I begin this mission right around Thanksgiving because not only do I want what I want… but I want it for LESS. 🙂 Lots of online bargain hunting.

The WORST thing for a child to experience is for them to open up a present and not have any batteries to power them up! Or worse – having the no name batteries that come with the set and then they die after a few times. UGH! So, been there.

Rayovac is known for their ‘Ready Power’ 10-year shelf life which allows their alkaline batteries to last and last. One less thing for a parent to worry about.

You can stock up with ease knowing that no matter when you reach for your Rayovac batteries, they will WORK.

Rayovac batteries with Ready Power will far exceed the 7-year shelf life of previous batteries and are now guaranteed to stay fresh for up to 10 years. Now you can rest easy knowing that Rayovac alkaline batteries last even longer in storage and you’ll always have power when you need it most.

* I am a Rayovac mom


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