Well, I Spoke Too Soon


I am getting a lot of emails congratulating me for getting through this weekend’s pregnancy scare – but it turns out those well wishes were a bit premature.

I’ve had a really bad day. I’m absolutely exhausted. Spent many hours crying because I have no control over this ride and no matter what I do or don’t do… my body does what it wants.

I’m now at 1 cmm. There’s not much left to play with.

I was placed on the contraction machine and only registered one in 20 minutes which is what kept me out of the hospital. My doctors told me to not get off the bed for anything but to go to the bathroom. No sitting up. No pressure on cervix. Nothing. Just to be still.

And of course I will follow. Perhaps the two visits to the hospital this weekend was too much for my body to handle? All that moving around really hurt my cervical length. Or at least it seems…


My next appointment is on Friday for another contraction measurement. My 2 saving graces are that I received the steroid shots for the baby’s lungs this weekend and I took the FFN test which came back negative. So, because of those two items, I was able to go home and spend this week on bed rest with my family instead of in the hospital. I am so grateful for this.

I won’t talk about this again for a while. I just can’t handle it. I’m 26+ weeks at this point. Next goal is 28. Forgive me if I don’t go there – my brain has completely shut down on this topic. I can’t accept this. I just want to ignore it all. Going to keep writing as if it isn’t happening. On Friday, I will give an update when I have one.

Until then – kiss your babies.

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  1. Wishing you much love. Hang in there, mama!

    Posted 12.3.12
  2. ellen wrote:

    Stay still stay tough!

    Posted 12.4.12
  3. amy wrote:

    Many hugs and stay strong like you have been. We are all there for you!

    Posted 12.4.12
  4. Big hugs to you, Vera. Thinking of you!

    Posted 12.4.12
  5. Jean Parks wrote:

    Oh Vera, you & your baby will be in my thoughts!

    Posted 12.4.12
  6. Patty wrote:

    Saying lots of prayers for you and your baby xoxo

    Posted 12.4.12
  7. kelly wrote:

    Vera, you are stronger than you think and the love you have for your baby shines through your tears. Prayers headed upward for you both.

    Posted 12.4.12
  8. Betty wrote:

    Prayers are with you and your little one

    Posted 12.4.12
  9. Sherry wrote:

    Sending strength and virtual hugs, mama.

    Posted 12.4.12
  10. Amy B. wrote:

    Thinking of you, sweetie. Stay well.

    Posted 12.4.12
  11. Maria wrote:

    This has got to be so incredibly hard but you’ve been doing great handling this. SO proud of you! Keeping you and your baby boy in my thoughts and prayers.

    Posted 12.4.12
  12. Marjie wrote:

    Praying for you and your baby Vera. Praying for a 40 week pregnancy. I believe in praying for the miracle! Why limit God? Blessings for you and your family. Marjie

    Posted 12.4.12
  13. Nicole wrote:

    Praying so hard for you right now Vera!!!

    Posted 12.5.12
  14. Sally wrote:

    lots of love. xxxx

    Posted 12.5.12

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