We Are Back On! Power And Heat Never Felt So Good

I took this picture at 1AM. The NANO second the lights went on. At around 12:40, I was woken up by the sound of men talking outside of my house. My town has been having some looting threats and so I was really scared that people were coming to rob someone on my block. No one has alarms and it’s all over the news. In a way, I was on high alert – even in my sleep.

So, a few voices sprung me awake. I got Bill up and told him what I heard. He didn’t think much of it. THEN I HEARD, “We are about to put the grid on.”

And I began to levitate. At around 1:00AM – everything turned on. I grabbed my phone, snapped this pic, and put the TV ON. LOL – I was SO HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bill ran around the house and bled all the heaters so we can warm the house up. It was FREEZINGGGGGGGGGGGGG. We had the kids in one room and piled on the comforters for them, but it was still really cold.

I’m so happy we are back to normal. My town – on the other hand – looks like a bomb hit it. We have HUNDREDS OF TREES DOWN. Houses destroyed. Roads blocked 2 ways. I can’t even begin to show you the devastation.

My thoughts are with everyone who is still suffering from Hurricane Sandy. She was one angry lady… but the East Coast will get through this in one piece. It just might take a few months… yes, months.

Looking at the horrific shots of NJ and Manhattan…. I just can’t wrap my head around how the government is going to get through it all.

One day at a time I suppose.

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  1. Tracey wrote:

    it is amazing the little things you take for granted! It may take longer than months-there are some communities here along the Gulf that still aren’t the same after Katrina

    Posted 11.1.12
  2. Kate D. wrote:

    I grew up on Long Island (Smithtown) and after moving to New Hampshire I vacationed for a number of summers on Long Beach Island NJ, so it is heartbreaking to see the destruction that Sandy has brought to NY, NJ and the entire East Coast. I now live in upstate NY and we were spared any significant damage, but I know what it is like to lose power for multiple days.

    Posted 11.4.12

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