I Want A House Out East… Now What?

Out East

You guys… I just spent 4 days out East with friends and family and I am completely hooked. I never thought I would be the type of person who would fall in love with vegetable stands and fresh pie… but I am! I mean, the North Fork is everything!!! There is something so simple and magical about driving through the vineyards and completely slowing down. Moments of completely coming together as a family – without our phones or iPads. It’s possible.

On a Quest for Life Out East

We are pretty serious about looking for a summer home. In fact, we spent the whole day yesterday checking out several towns and looking into our options.

Oh man… can you imagine? I never thought I’d be someone that would have a summer home. I like the adventure of escaping to some place new as often as I can. Every year, we venture off to a new country with the kids in tow. I haven’t even told you where we are headed in a few weeks. I want that to be a surprise!

But, the stability of knowing you have a place to go to every weekend with friends or with family over and over again sounds very appealing. The older I get, the more appealing it gets. Easy living. Yes, please.

Do you have a summer home? Ever dream of owning one? We need to figure out HOW we are going to afford one out East – but it’s definitely on the burner! For now, we are doing lots of online research and daydreaming. Maybe in a year, I might be writing a different post. 🙂

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