VLOG: Where Did The Time Go?

I’ve been on a mission to get all photos and videos on my new iMac. I actually found ONE MORE COMPUTER I have to go through and sort. That’s the computer we had while I was pregnant with Natalie. So I’m missing a few of her first months in this video.

While consolidating everything, I got a little emotional looking at all our memories. I put it together in a quick video and showed it to Bill. He loved it. I thought I would share.

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  1. Nadine wrote:

    super video Vera!

    Posted 8.3.10
  2. capturinglife wrote:

    Awwwwwww! They’ve grown up sooo fast! I remember that little golfer outfit of Liam’s! hehe.

    Whenever I watch the Family Man with Nicolas Cage, I always think of Natalie. The little girl on there reminds me of her for some reason. 🙂

    Posted 8.3.10
  3. Carol wrote:

    That is so amazing! I’ve always heard so much about macs and now you’re making me want one. UGH.

    Your family is so beautiful and it looks like you have some awesome memories… and I’m sure that is just a small piece. Thanks for all your vlogging, I look forward to it everyday I login. 🙂

    Posted 8.3.10
  4. Alana wrote:

    I went through few of you videos on the site – had some catching up to do :-)))
    Such a great memories right there in that video:-))) I was watching it when my husband came into the kitchen and he was like is that Erika(our daughter) and i laughed. I don’t think they look alike , maybe just hair and shape of the face :-))) but it was funny how he didn’t get that it wasn’t Erika.
    Natali had her hair a lot darker and now going lighter with years, i had the same with Erika, she was born with really dark hair and now she’s the same color as her dad.;-)
    I loooooove Liam’s little golfer outfit , he’s such a cutie patootie

    Posted 8.4.10

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