VLOG: Ask Vera And Bill Take 3 And 4

I have to put both these videos in one spot because I look so Fr-eaking exhausted that I want the post to go live and then get immediately buried in my blog. LOL and FYI – my husband is a little wacky too, so be warned!

We answered all the questions that were left for us on last week’s post. If you have any more that you want to shout out, please feel free to leave them here.

We will do our next video on Monday. This week we are going to spend some time with the kiddies and relax a bit.

As far as how I got into blogging:

Picture it. NYC. 2005. I just became a SAHM and was overdosing on reality television and boredom. NONE of my friends were even MARRIED – forget about children. So I felt very isolated and alone. I was watching Entertainment Tonight and they mentioned the top 10 gossip blogs. I wrote them down, ran upstairs to my computer and checked each of them out.

That night I had a server, a blog and a new hobby – I’m Not Obsessed.

It gave me something to do while Natalie napped. I’m not into housework so the THOUGHT of those dirty dishes in the sink just made my skin crawl. I couldn’t always get to them because I was “working”. It was awesome!! πŸ™‚ LOL

After about 1.5 years, it finally started to earn. I took a LONG time to start bringing in money, but now we have a good system going and I hired a few girls to help with the load. Once Natalie aged (and Liam joined our family) I no longer had as much free time as I once did.

I love the girls that work with me. Without them I wouldn’t be able to spend any time with the kids. My traffic has suffered because the voice just isn’t the same, but it’s worth it for me to be present in my kids’ lives.

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  1. Lisa wrote:

    Love both your site.. you and Bill are such a cute couple! How come you wear your wedding ring on your right hand?

    Posted 8.8.10
  2. capturinglife wrote:

    You guys are hilarious. You’re like a comedy team. I smell a reality show. ROFLMAO If this is still your post-vacation high, I’m on the next plane to the Dominican Republic! πŸ˜‰

    Posted 8.8.10
  3. Clementine wrote:

    Hi Vera!

    I’m a French girl of 22 years old that has been reading INO for a long time now. I just wanted to say that I’m obsessed with I’m not obsessed. πŸ™‚ And reading INO everyday makes me improve my english, with all the fun of the gossips!

    Those videos are a great idea! By the way, I think that from a french point of view, you, Bill & the kids seem to be the perfect american family. πŸ™‚ I hope to have a family as happy as yours one day!

    I don’t really have a question… I’m curious to know how you two met, but it seems to be a question a bit too personal! So I would say… what’s your favorite clichΓ© about France/the French people?

    Posted 8.8.10
  4. Leslie wrote:

    I am having a really anxiety-filled weekend, so thanks for the laughs, Vera and Bill. I love you guys! I also love your common sense, no-nonsense advice about kids. Right on, sista!

    I have a question – you said recently that Bill has more clothes than you do. How did that happen? LOL – he doesn’t seem like a shopper. Do you buy him stuff often?

    Also…and I’m not trying to start anything, but you said that it took you a year to convince Bill to let you quit your soul-sucking job. What finally convinced him? I had a similar situation, but I think Todd used reverse psychology on me – I was having an anxiety attack and said “can I please just quit?” (and at that job I made more $$$ than he did)…and he very calmly said “Yes”. It was so good to know that he would “let” me that I gave up the idea of quitting immediately, LOL.

    Sorry for the long questions. Thanks again for cheering me up, you two lovebirds!

    Posted 8.8.10
  5. Leslie wrote:

    btw – @Clementine – I love love love your country! I visited once and am dying to come back again someday soon. Just wanted to tell you that. Bon jour!

    Posted 8.8.10
  6. Leslie wrote:

    One last thing – how in the heck do you guys look so gorgeous when you’re so exhausted? You’re a great looking couple. So nice to see married couples that have fun together. Okay, over and out! Have a great day!

    Posted 8.8.10
  7. Jo wrote:

    OK you guys really need your own show, you’re just too funny, you crack me up πŸ™‚ And even though you’re both exhausted you still look H-O-T!

    Posted 8.8.10
  8. Mizzy wrote:

    Your comment about becoming a psychologist made me smile, I am getting my PhD in psych right now, and being in school this long is difficult sometimes…FYI, psychiatrists go to medical school, not PhD school – that’s why they are able to prescribe medication.

    ANYWAY, I was wondering as someone who is immersed in this business why you think we are so obsessed with celebrities? I have my own theories, but I want to hear others. Also, who are your favorite celebrities to “gossip” about, and what is about the people you picked that makes them the most interesting?
    I was also curious whether your husband is interested in the entertainment industry?
    And my last question (a little off topic), do you guys have any pets? you look like you should be dog owners – and I mean that in a good way πŸ™‚

    Posted 8.9.10
  9. Audrey - Mom Generations wrote:

    OMG, peeing my pants. I love you both.
    How did you meet!!??

    Posted 8.9.10
  10. Amanda wrote:

    Question: What are your dogs like, as in personality and behavior-wise? They are adorable! You should post videos or pictures of them!

    Posted 8.9.10
  11. Beth wrote:

    You guys would be perfect on a reality show!! Too funny!! My question is, what tips do you have on working from home? I’m getting ready to take on a part-time job from home. My baby is only 3 months, but still, I’m worried about how I will have time to balance everything! Any tips would be appreciated!!

    Posted 8.9.10
  12. marjie wrote:

    You two are adorable. Vera your skin is amazing…what exactly are your beauty secrets…?

    Posted 8.9.10
  13. Kyle wrote:

    You guys got delirious in this one, I loved it.

    So I like that you’ll answer my questions too, even though I suppose I could just technically call you and ask you in real life πŸ™‚

    Hmmm, so here’s mine for the day — what methods would you recommend using to build traffic, both for a business blog and a personal blog?

    Bill, when are you going to run a marathon? If you can run on the devil treadmill, you can definitely run a marathon.

    Posted 8.9.10
  14. Alana wrote:

    You guys are hilarious! Cheers for answering the questions.

    Posted 8.9.10
  15. Maria wrote:

    Hi Guys!!!

    Vera, who will be the one celebrity you would love to meet/interview?
    and who’s the “celebrity” that annoys you the most?

    Posted 8.11.10
  16. Sara wrote:

    When Bill starting singing it got me wondering what kind of music the two of you like to listen to? What are some of your favorite bands/singers?

    Love the vlogs!!

    Posted 8.12.10
  17. Sammy wrote:

    I had to watch them both twice, you guys are hilarious. Such a cute couple.
    I’m Not Obsessed is my favorite blog, I visit everyday and I love how you report things. Not bitchy but stating your opinion.

    Posted 8.16.10

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