VLOG: Ask Vera And Bill A Question

These videos are borderline embarrassing. I flub about 100 times – but I guess that’s  how I sound on a regular basis!! Oh boy.

Bill tried his hardest to be calm and cool, but the madness came out a few times again. I think he secretly really enjoys these videos!

LOL  – if you have a question leave it on this post and we will answer your question next week.

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  1. veep veep wrote:

    “the madness” lol

    its what makes you and bill such a great couple


    Posted 8.17.10
  2. Mendy wrote:

    How do you keep your kids busy when you’re trying to get work done? Also I love your decorating style. You should do some posts on decorating and tell some of us readers where you got your cute furniture!

    Posted 8.17.10
  3. Jenny wrote:

    Where did Bill use to work before he became a stay at home dad and have you given any thought to what all of you will be for Halloween?

    Love these video posts, keep them coming! 🙂

    Posted 8.17.10
  4. April wrote:

    What is the youtube link? for some reason I can’t view your videos on your website, but can on youtube.

    Posted 8.17.10
  5. Alana wrote:

    Stinking Cute, my face hurts from all the smiling and it’s two in a row videos of smiles and jokes!:-))) Keep them coming :-))) I loooove the first 5 secs of 2nd video!!:-))

    Posted 8.17.10
  6. D wrote:

    who are the celebs u dislike?

    the kardashians?

    Posted 8.17.10
  7. Tracy wrote:

    Love these videos! Vera, I have noticed in some of your pictures you have some really awesome boots on. What’s your favorite pair of boots are where are they from?! I need new ones for fall!

    Posted 8.17.10
  8. Leslie wrote:

    And we’ll be back in 2, 2 – Chuck Woolery!!!

    Okay, now I am DYING to know who the three celebs are Vera!

    Posted 8.17.10
  9. jennifer wrote:

    how did you get to be an extra on SATC? lucky you!!! 🙂

    Posted 8.18.10
  10. Sammy wrote:

    I think Bill should be Hot Guy of The Day on INO, yum.

    Posted 8.18.10
  11. Kyle wrote:

    Seba and I are just sitting here, eating our breakfast being entertained by these things. Love it.

    Posted 8.19.10
  12. Kyle wrote:

    Laughed so hard when Bill knew the marathon question was me. He KNEW!

    This second video is hysterical!

    Posted 8.19.10
  13. Sherry wrote:

    I’m going to start sending the links for your vlogs to the reality networks. You guys are hysterical. I don’t watch reality tv, but I would totally watch you two.

    I know you love to live where you do, but if you could move anywhere else in the world, where would it be?

    Posted 8.19.10
  14. Jones wrote:

    “Just…Stop talking” hahaha. Your husband is ridiculous. I laughed out loud a bunch of times while watching this.

    Hahaha. I like that “You think you’re cooler than me” song, and my husband, Rob HATES it.

    Anyway, you guys are adorable. Thanks for sharing. Now I wanna do this, but no way my husband would go for this. Bleh 😉

    Posted 8.19.10
  15. Sabrina wrote:

    I love your videos they are so cute and funny!
    I was wondering if you have any more in the kitchen posts that you are going to share? I thought those were great!

    Posted 8.20.10
  16. Lora wrote:

    How do you split up the household chores? Who does the most cleaning?

    Posted 8.22.10
  17. Alexandra wrote:

    What are your children’s middle names ? (I love their first names!) .. and how did you choose them?

    Posted 8.29.10

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