Video Of Liam Dancing

Too sweet! Natalie is in school and Liam and I were having lunch. I put Mega Blocks on my iPod and my boy just couldn’t stop dancing. That is until he noticed I was filming – he always wants to see what he looks like on the camera.

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  1. anotherdirtymartini wrote:

    Liam's got the moves!! Too cute 🙂

    Posted 2.24.10
  2. NicoleRenae wrote:

    Love it! He is so cute! What are your dogs' names?

    Posted 2.25.10
  3. veryvera wrote:

    Jack and Jill 🙂

    Posted 2.25.10
  4. capturinglife wrote:

    My great-niece does that, too. Wants me to film her or take her pictures but before she's even done posing, she's hopping up to come and see it. 🙂 He's such a cutie pie.

    Posted 2.25.10
  5. merce369 wrote:

    Too cute for words and it's lovely to hear your voice Vera!

    Posted 2.25.10
  6. NicoleRenae wrote:

    I knew that… Silly me…

    Posted 2.26.10
  7. veryvera wrote:

    PS – we've watched this movie a MILLION times. Liam's like “AGAIN!!”

    Posted 2.27.10

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