Using The Fitbit Again And Playing Around With My Jewelry

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I know they have a mobile component, but I love logging into my Fitbit account online right before I go to sleep to see how I did for the day. Yesterday, I didn’t hit my 10,000 goal…. but you know what? I’m not upset. Because I walked over 9,000 steps in a pair of high heels. My feet were KILLING ME OH MY GOD! I cannot tell you the FIRE I was feeling. So, I will take this score and I will wear it with pride. This – my friends – is my war story for 2014.

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I’m also playing around with ways to hide the Fitbit while at work functions. I am currently at ABC Kids Expo in Las Vegas and I didn’t want to expose my Fitbit while repping a brand. So, I took a bracelet that I owned and looped it around the Fitbit in an attempt to shield the plastic band.

Truthfully, you can still see it. But not in passing — it’s not very noticeable unless you are staring at my wrist. I know there are better bracelets to choose. I’m going to work on finding some next week!!

Do you Fitbit?

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