My Trip To Pampers Headquarters With The Baby Board (It May Or May Not Have Involved A Party Bus)


 (for transportation purposes only I swear – 26 bloggers in total)

PG_archivesThings finally settled down and now I can write about last week’s trip to Cincinnati where I visited P&G headquarters as part of Pampers Baby Board. I’m one of their newest members and am SO EXCITED. I promise – this post will not consist of ALL CAPPED WORDS. Ok maybe a few…

Anyway – it all started out with a visit to P&G’s archives museum. A consumer’s dream come true. The group kept calling out with excitement –

“I remember when Olay came in the glass bottle!!”

“Oh my gosh! Pantene with the gold cap! Yes!”

My grandmother still has that Vicks tub in her bathroom cabinet! LOL”

Talk about memories! It was really fun taking a look back P&G’s history.


We even took at look at Ivory soap which I found particularly interesting. Did you know that waaaaaayyyy back in the day Ivory used to come with a crack in the middle so women could snap it in half? One side was supposed to be used on your body and the other side was supposed to be used on….everything else! I’m talking laundry, floors, dishes. YOU NAME IT. How crazy! Imagine trying to sell something like that these days, right?

pampers_diapers_pgThe rest of the trip was focused on what’s new with Pampers and you know I was listening. It’s been QUITE some TIME since I had a little baby in diapers. Liam is 6 and things have certainly changed since 2007. My favorite on-hands activity (that I could photograph) was when we actually SAW how a Pampers diaper distributed liquid more evenly than competition. The other brand just clumped up and wouldn’t properly absorb. Not Pampers!


My FAVORITE activity – which I wasn’t allowed to photograph because it happened in the R&D lab – was when we put together a diaper from SCRATCH. Ah-mazing. Sadly, I don’t have a science degree. So, I won’t painfully attempt to describe that procedure. LOL! Just know it was really cool. I never thought it would come together. Then again… I have trust issues.

So, Pampers has been busy – busy improving their entire line and making sure that they are doing everything they can to put out the best product for moms and dads. End result? Pampers diapers are now three times drier than ordinary diapers. Isn’t that all a mom needs to hear?  Just kidding – I know you like to know the nitty gritty. I broke down EXACTLY what updates were done by each TYPE of diaper. It all depends on what your preference is:


Pampers Baby Dry (sizes 1-6): Offer up to 12 hours of overnight protection.

Features include:

An “Ultra Absorb” core to cover up to 95% of overnight loads.

Our most absorbent Baby Dry ever (sizes 2-5) with a 15% increase in capacity.

Three layers of absorbency vs. two (the amount found in ordinary diapers).

A longer absorbent area and new, fun graphics.

Snug, stretchy sides, colored tabs and a belted design to reassure parents that the diaper will hold up.


Pampers Swaddlers (sizes 3-5) 

Features include:

Available through size 5!

Wetness Indicator that signals when baby may need to be changed.

Absorb Away Liner to help keep baby dry.

Swaddlers is the #1 choice of hospitals!


Pampers Swaddlers (sizes 0-2):  Include 12 hours of overnight protection.

Features include:

Quilted designs to provide softness and help keep baby comfortable.

A longer, absorbent layer with up to 20% more BM coverage in the back.

A NEW swoopy cut (umbilical notch) on sizes 1 and 2 which provides a more contoured fit for babies.

Wetness Indicator that signals when baby may need to be changed.

Absorb Away Liner to help keep baby dry.


Pampers Cruisers (sizes 3-7):

Features include:

Up to 20% increase in absorbency, so baby can PLAY longer without being interrupted for a diaper change.

New, consumer preferred graphic designs (preferred by moms 2:1).


Pampers Sensitive Wipes: The #1 wipes choice of U.S. hospitals are now 20% thicker to gently clean delicate skin.

Features include:

Less wiping for more gentle cleaning than before.

20% thicker.

Soft GripTM texture.

As gentle as wash cloth and water.

Are you a Pampers mom?

* I am part of the Pampers Baby Board. Pampers paid for my transportation and hotel accommodations to attend this three day function. All opinions are my own.

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  1. It was great seeing you again, Vera! Watching them make a diaper by hand was the highlight of the day.

    Posted 10.24.13
  2. How neat! I would have loved a trip to the archive museum. Shockingly enough, I have a bar of Ivory soap IN THAT WRAPPING. Bought it unopened at a garage sale because I wanted to use it for a science experiment for my oldest girl. Haven’t yet. I think I’ll keep it in the wrapper. :0)

    Posted 10.25.13

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