Travel Tip Tuesday: Packing Everything But The Kitchen Sink

This is the first trip I’ve ever been on where I decided to not come FULLY PREPARED. Now that the airlines make us pay for bags (and more for bags that weigh over 50 pounds) I decided to limit what we brought along.

So we didn’t pack our toiletries. Maybe we brought a bar of soap. When we landed, our first stop was Starbucks Target to stock up for this week’s adventures. And for $7 bucks we had everything we needed. No worries about leaking in the bag. No worries about filling an entire suitcase with shampoo, conditioner, lotion etc. Perfection.

I also didn’t bring EVERYTHING I normally use during my cleaning routine. I decided that it wasn’t an absolute necessity to bring exfolitator, facial serum, toner etc. Instead I packed make up remover, eye cream and moisturizer. TRUST ME – that is a SERIOUS reduction compared to what I normally lug along.

How do you pack? Do you bring everything but the kitchen sink? Or are you a consolidated traveler?

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