Theme Park Fashion – All My Rules Go Right Out The Window

I realized something about myself last week – I sort of become a different person when I vacation with the children. I put my hair in a ponytail every single day of the week, avoid shoes with heels, leave my Louis Vuitton at home, and hardly wear any makeup.

Who is that girl??

I hate looking at vacation photos because I always look like such a MESS. Meanwhile, those are the pictures we will certainly revisit throughout the years, right? Seems unfair! LOL

In the Fall / Winter – you can’t really tell the difference. I’ve settled into a comfortable yet chic fashion style. Besides, I can wear boots for DAYS and my feet won’t hurt. It’s the summer that kills me. I have to find a happy medium when it comes to warm weathered vacations.

Right now, I live in flats or sneakers and a house dress (as I like to call them). The whole outfit may or may not go together – but I don’t care. I just need to be able to make it through the day… and this is the only way I seem to be able to do it.

In an attempt to get it together, I’ve done a bit of online window shopping. Here are some casual looks that you can pair with flip flops that are a massive step up from the “pajamas” I’ve been basically photographed in as of late.

Gap maxi instead of a housedress

Gap poncho instead of a t shirt

JCrew Shell instead of a tank top

JCrew Denim mini skirt instead of yoga pants

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  1. Monique wrote:

    It is hard to resist that urge to just throw on comfy pants and sneakers. But I do try. With warm weather travel, I’m all about cute flats or wedges that aren’t too high. I also look for stylish sneakers that are good when we do more physical/adventurous activities. BTW, the dress in the picture is very cute. Next time just rock some fab sunnies, which I know you own, and it’s all good. 🙂

    Posted 4.2.12

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