The Trench Coat We All Need To Own

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Helly Hansen has long been one of my favorite brands. I make clothes myself so I love looking at how well made their jackets always are. There’s always tons of optional elements and fun details, when you look closer. A few weeks ago, they sent me their latest trench, the W Embla Hybrid trench, to review and I fell in love. First of all, its white. How chic is a white trench! I kept checking the weather, hoping and praying for a rainy day (everyone wanted to kill me!) so that I could try it out. One FINALLY came and I got to wear it out.
The first thing I noticed was that it actually fit right. The hem hit above my knees, which was great because nothing is more annoying than extra fabric bulking around the knees when you’re walking, on a hot, rainy day. The front closure is a zipper with 3 clasps in rugged silver. The sleeves are straight but there are snaps, if you’d like to make the wrist fit tighter. I tried it both ways and like the unclasped look. That way, you can properly see the sleeves. There’s sleek pleating on one sleeve and the uber cool Helly logo on the arm. The material was reminiscent of the stuff sails are made of. It was stiff enough to withstand the wind but still comfortable. The hood is also optional. I tried it with the hood out and it actually came all of the way over my head. I hate having to tug a hood over my head while juggling my bags on rainy days.


There’s a pouch at the back neck to tuck the hood in when not in use. The back design of the trench was as cool as the front. There’s a traditional flap at the top back, which can be worn buttoned or unbuttoned, and clasps at the back so that you can get a slimmer waist if you so desire. I particularly liked this option because if you’re getting dressed up to go out on a rainy day, you want more of a sleeker, streamlined look. Helly Hansen also has a history of nautical wear and this was evident by the high collar. You can wear the collar up for a James Bondish look or flapped down over the shoulders for a more casual look.
After wearing the trench that day, I realized that its perfect for fall because the material kept me warm. I also thought that it would get dirty in a hot minute on the subway. White and the NYC metro system don’t have a good history with me. This trench, however, held up pretty well. I can report no suspicious stains from Day One. This trench is available in white and beige.
To get this trench or to see other Helly Hansen products, go to

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  1. Anonymous wrote:

    Really cute, but I went to the website to check out the price and if I’m correct $3,999 Norwegian Kroner is around $620 bucks. Is there a more affordable substitute and if no, how do I get them to send me stuff?! LOL.

    Posted 5.21.10

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