The Power Of Multitasking: 10 Ways To Get It Done Quicker

I was going to do a “10 things my husband hates about me post” but I think I will wait until next week to publish that bad boy. LOL – right around Father’s Day – like a cyber gift to him. Admitting the issue is half the battle, right?

This week, instead, I decided to write about multitasking. We can all use a little help in this department. Here are 10 tips to help you get things done quicker.

Multitasking Tip Number 1: When you get home from the supermarket, dice up some of your vegetables before you put them away. While you are doing that – make something on the stove – like rice or soup. Get a full meal out of the way! If you have children, have them put away the goods that belong in the pantry while you are chopping.

Multitasking Tip Number 2: The day you go grocery shopping – pick up one of those pre-roasted chickens. They are already done and seasoned to perfection. I use half for that night’s meal and then I use the other half to make a small chicken salad for lunch the next day.

Multitasking Tip Number 3: While your child is bathing, be sure to bring some work into the bathroom with you. I give them about 20 minutes (each) and work on my laptop while they do whatever they want (besides splash me). I find that bathing your children separately is actually easier because it gives each kid alone time – something they desperately need.

Multitasking Tip Number 4:  If you are having a really crazy week – plan to run errands with a friend. I know it stinks that you have to get your friend time in while doing something for the house – but it’s better than not seeing them at all, right?

Multitasking Tip Number 5:  Don’t have time to read? Get an audio book and listen while you force yourself to go for a walk.  We all need to keep moving – why not do it to a book that you want to finish?

Multitasking Tip Number 6:  While you are disinfecting your kitchen, give your children some baby wipes and have them wipe down their own toys. Not only are you spending time with your kid, but you are cleaning up your house as well. This tip is from Clorox’s “If Mom Had Three Minutes” e-book. It’s free to download – check it out.

Multitasking Tip Number 7:  Block out your time. I know this is sort of the opposite of multitasking because I am telling you to only do one thing at a time. BUT if you really need to get something done – give yourself a half hour of uninterrupted heads down time to do it. Get rid of all the distractions (easier said than done I know).  Here – to make it a multitasking tip  throw a load of laundry in for that half hour. 🙂 But seriously – this helps me really get through a LOT of work in one day. Block out your time.

Multitasking Tip Number 8:  Learn to do your makeup in the car. I’m not saying while you are driving! I’m saying figure out how to put your face on in 2 minutes or less. I can do it all before Bill puts his seatbelt on. It will save you time believe me. When you are in front of your bathroom mirror, you have more options to play around with. In the car, you have your small makeup bag. DONE!

Multitasking Tip Number 9:  Shellac – I swear! This is the most amazing beauty tip ever. You can have a nearly perfect manicure for up to 2 weeks! You won’t worry about chipped nails. NOT OPI GEL. It’s Shellac! Be sure to ask for it by name. I sound like a commercial. LOL. You can’t read while getting shellac which stinks. But catch up on your emails during the beginning part of the treatment.

Multitasking Tip Number 10:  Whatever you do – make sure your kids are doing it too. If you are putting away your clothes, have your children do the same. If you are making your bed – throw them in their rooms to do the same. Tidying up the living room? You get the picture. You aren’t in this alone. You made little people and now those little people can help out (to a degree of course). My kids actually enjoy doing chores (ever since I bought that chore chart). Don’t feel like this burden is your own – get everyone involved.

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  1. I love how many of these involve children. Except for their normal chores, I often tell the kids to stay away when I’m busy getting stuff done around the house – I feel like I can get more done when I’m alone and steamrolling through. But I really should put them to work more.

    Posted 6.11.12

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