The New Grocery Shopper For The House

Am I the only one who gets such a kick out of little grocery shopping carts? Bill had to make a run last night to get me some carb free snacks. So, he took Natalie to one of our local shops to get through the list.  Ignore the Nillas… I swear that wasn’t from me.

Bill has been so great lately with documenting everything that’s been happening in the outside world. I mean, he could take the kids to the BANK and I still get a photo. It’s just so great because I actually feel connected to the experience. He JUST got an iPhone and he is ALL OVER IT.

In the end, everyone is pitching in and some chores are actually really fun. Natalie equates pushing that little cart to a day at the park with friends. It’s sheer bliss!

Now… if only I could get her into couponing. LOL!

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  1. lizzys wrote:

    i still love to puch a cart around !!

    Posted 12.20.12
  2. Amanda H wrote:

    My husband is the cart pusher. He feels funny if he doesn’t get to push it. I just have to watch what he tosses in while I’m not looking…

    I like Miss Natalie’s diva pose in the pic. 🙂

    Posted 12.20.12

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