The Kids Just Got Their First Bikes


The weather just keeps getting warmer and warmer and we thought it was time to get our kids real bikes. In a few months, Natalie and Liam will be 5 and 3. They have friends that have bikes and are constantly asking for one of their own. Well, today they got their early birthday presents and were riding their selections up and down the bike store until they were told to stop. It was so great.

Testing out bells and horns (naturally Natalie picked the loudest horn that sounds like a duck dying), trying on helmets, choosing their colors. It was such a fun time for them.

When we finished I had to go home and take a nap because it was the first time I’ve actually done something since last Thursday’s virus bomb drop and it wiped me out.

An hour before we had Natalie’s evaluation at her Kindergarten. It was really easy stuff – skipping, jumping, color and shape recognition, writing, etc. We met the principal and got a feel about next year’s agenda. I cannot WAIT for her to start that school. She is just going to LOVE every moment of her day. I wish I could sneak in and watch her from time to time just to see her in action. Sounds a bit stalker-ish – but hey- aren’t all moms like this?

While we were waiting a few women joined us on the bench and one of them said, “You’re that blogger, aren’t you?” I thought that was really funny (and awesome). We met last summer in the park and I must have told her about my site and she remembered.

Yes. I’m that blogger. 😉

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  1. April wrote:

    I bet they were so excited to be getting bikes! Oh, to be young again. That’s awesome that someone recognized you. 🙂

    Posted 4.23.10

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