Taking Children To The NY Times Travel Show


Earlier today we took the kids to the NY Times Travel Show. It was held in the Jacob Javits Center and Bill and I decided it would be a fun Saturday activity. BESIDES – we knew there were plenty of vacation spots that just weren’t on our radar. What better way than to dive right into this crash course!

Well, talk about an insane amount of paper waste! I actually started to FEEL GUILTY about grabbing all the brochures. After I filled 4 bags, I decided I would just take business cards. I thought it would be environmentally friendlier if I got the information that way. {{{poor trees}}}


Forgetting that small little issue, there were plenty of things to do with the kiddies. When we walked in we were immediately greeted by two adorable penguins. Liam couldn’t believe it and truth be told, neither could I. I just thought it was going to be a bunch of booths with information – but there was so much more.



There were a variety of characters to take pictures with. Natalie threw her peanuts at Bill and jumped into Sponge Bob Square Pants’ arms. Not sure if he liked that so much – but we got the picture either way.


There was also a variety of shows to choose from. Dancers, singers and musicians from a handful of countries were present representing what their native land is most known for. It really was quite beautiful. If you aren’t a huge traveler, this is a nice way to get to experience something authentic without having to spend a ton of money.



There were also cigar rollers from the Dominican Republic and a group of Japanese artists that would write your name in their language. What fun!


Last but not least there was even a DIVING TANK towards the back. BeADiver.com gets the award for being the most creative when it came to fun things to do with the kids.

If a travel show is coming to your neck of the woods, give it a shot! You might have yourself an adventure. 🙂

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  1. capturinglife wrote:

    Cool! You have had quite an awesome weekend!

    Posted 2.28.10
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    cool! i just spotted spongebob…

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