Super Productive Last Few Days

I’ve been drowning a bit over the last few days – but it’s all been good stuff. It’s going to sound strange but I get a little high when I see results. I’m not stressed about working hard, I actually enjoy it because it quiets my mind – and the last few days have been insane.

My partner Audrey and I are revving up our efforts for our next ‘Getting Gorgeous‘ event. We (well, she) snagged our title sponsor already which is INSANE because we didn’t sell that spot during our launch event. And now with this one, it was the first slot to go. That makes me feel REALLY good because it shows that we put on a kick a&& event and the brands can recognize that. Liz Lange also signed up again which is awesome!!!

Then our new site Deal Obsessed is slowly growing. I’m not saying it’s a landslide, but we’re averaging 500 page views a day and we just launched a few days ago. That makes me feel really good because other people seem to like what we’re putting out.

I’ve been asked to be the Fashion Channel editor for a new website by Wendy Bellissimo.

I’m going away in two weeks on a ski trip sponsored by a ton of brands. I’m going to meet a new group of writers / producers and spend a few days with them testing out products in Park City. Should be fun — even though I wake up in cold sweats thinking about skiing. Oh my goodness I have no coordination!!

THEN on GIft Guide Girls we are about ready to launch a new guide. I had SO SO SO SO SO much fun doing the holiday one. We threw a few twitter parties which were a blast. It’s all good stuff and it’s all coming down the pipe.

On the personal front, I’m about to go on a cruise to nowhere. I’m throwing up in my ┬ámouth with nerves because I’ve never been on a boat and a BUNCH of my friends convinced me to give it a shot for one night. I think there’s like 14 of us??? It’s going to be SO FUN (IF IM NOT PUKING). LOL!

So, January is looking good. It’s a nice way to start out the New Year.

Now it’s your turn – Tell me something good!!!

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  1. Leslie wrote:

    I can’t comment on Deal Obsessed, so I thought I’d tell you that you, Vera, were w/me and my mom tonight as we hit up the deals at CVS. My husband wanted chocolate – well, CVS had Snickers for 89 cents AND each bar purchased generated a CVS coupon for 89 cents. So, it was essentially free. On top of that, I went to the kiosk at the front of store, waved my card and got additional coupons. Well, there was $1.00 off Snickers. So, yep…I got the Snickers for free PLUS $1.00 back. Crazyyyyyyyy

    Posted 1.11.11
    • Leslie wrote:

      oops, I meant you were with us in spirit, Vera.

      Posted 1.11.11
  2. Vera wrote:


    Posted 1.12.11

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