Shopkins Swapkins Preview Event at Toys R Us Times Square #ShopkinsSwap

Natalie and Bill went to the super fun Toys R Us Shopkins Event this past Friday in Times Square. As you can imagine, Natalie was over-the-moon from the moment she heard she was going to this. Shopkins? Trading? She couldn’t have been more excited. She kept talking about it day in and day out, all week long. Shopkins are far and away her most fav toy obsession right now. There was no place she’d rather be than at the Toys R Us Shopkins Event. 

Toys R Us Shopkins Event - Shopkins Swapkins

Toys R Us Shopkins Event – Shopkins Swapkins

Toys R Us Shopkins Event - Shopkins Swapkins

The Toys R Us Shopkins Event started off with a bang…and by bang, I mean a live Shopkins meet and greet! She was in full-blown swapkins mode. This event was a preview for the national event that was held the day after, this past Saturday. It was an event made for Shopkins lovers and just all about having fun. All the kids in attendance were having a ball, trading away, and enjoying themselves. There were blind packs all aplenty, all being joyously and feverishly ripped apart but all the traders in attendance. This just set the trading into overdrive. It was a frenzied pace to be sure!! Juice and mini strawberry donuts, fruit and plenty of information about the new Shopkins products. The Shopkins building block toys look amazing!! Now you can build Shopkins style!! WHAT?

Toys R Us Shopkins Event - Shopkins Swapkins

The games, the toys, the lunch boxes and assorted gear was all very cute and really well received by the kids. The one-of-a-kind, to be auctioned off for charity, Gemma Stone even made an appearance at the event, but perhaps the most amazing part of the day was the apple. Yes, that’s right, Natalie was able to take home a SUPER Ultra Rare, limited edition NY Apple Blossom Shopkins.

Only 800 of these shiny little darlings were made (100 MILLION Shopkins have been sold already), and they were only available at this preview and at the Swapkins event in Times Square this past Saturday.

Pretty amazing…the kids were DYING over it. She’s a cutie, and it really made the day very special for the kids.

Shopkns Swapkins

TImes Square Toys R Us NYC

TImes Square Toys R Us NYC

After hanging a while, trading like mad, talking with friends about Shopkins and life, chowing down on some great little snacks, and hearing about some of the new Shopkins initiatives, it was time to say goodbye to the event and to spend some fun time with friends at the massive Toys R Us store. Of course, the kids were in heaven and a couple of pitstops were high on the itinerary. We had to check out the Shopkins section and the Ferris Wheel!! The Toys R Us Shopkins Event was an absolute blast. 

Shopkins Fans at TImes Square Toys R Us NYC

Shopkins Fans at TImes Square Toys R Us NYC

Don’t you love that recreation of the famous war photo of the man and woman kissing? It was right out front, and Navy hats were being passed out. Gotta love NYC! It was a wonderful day. We were so thankful to have our time at the Toys R Us Shopkins Event. 

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