The Right Scent Can Make All The Difference: Glade Offers Up New Home Fragrance Line


A few weeks ago I attended a Glade event with my husband Bill. YES I KNOW – what took me so long to write this up, right!? I had the craziest month. Traveling for business, attending conferences, getting sick with a wicked sinus infection. I feel terrible that this post is so delayed – but thankfully here we are!!

Rachel Herz

While at the Glade launch event, I was able to explore the connection between scent and emotion. I always believed that smell was the most powerful trigger for our memories. Dr. Rachel Herz – world-renowned expert on the psychology of smell – proved to the group that this notion was correct. I mean think about it – you smell your mother’s favorite perfume and suddenly you are whisked back to your childhood. Whenever you whip up a batch of chocolate chip cookies, doesn’t it immediately provide you with some sense of comfort or feeling of family? That’s because that smell is triggering old emotions you have stored away.

Glade Launch Event of America Bright Spot for Readi


Screen shot 2013-10-21 at 1.07.45 PM


We were able to walk around and touch / spray / smell the different scents from the new Glade line. I love how Glade is thinking outside the candle box…. err….. jar. They have made their displays so much prettier. It’s almost as if this new line can become part of your decoration. Actually… IT DOES!



Pictured: 1. Scented Oil Warmer // 2. Automatic Spray // 3. Automatic Freshener

Don’t you love how these pieces look? I’m really excited about it all because not all are they filled with the Glade scents that we all trust and know, but they are SO PURDY! Now, every single time I walk in my house I am greeted by a happy home. I didn’t need to redecorate. I didn’t need to move to a more expensive house. I just needed to put a little seasonal flavor in the air.

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  1. LizzyS wrote:

    yes, really like the new look and glade always has great scents!

    Posted 10.22.13

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