Saving Money By Making My Own Tea


I went food shopping the other day and stocked up my cart with about 7 bottles of Black Honest Tea. I never ONCE looked at the price because… it’s TEA. How expensive can it be? When I got home I just happened to catch the tag and those puppies will run you $3.99 a BOTTLE. WHAT? That’s insane!!!

So… I’ve let them go and am now making my own tea at home. It doesn’t taste as good if I’m being honest, but every bit helps, right? And besides, apparently I have a shopping addiction I didn’t know about until I started to actually record what I purchased. Now I can see I much rather have the money go towards bathing suits I’m going to return the next day than tea I inhale without even tasting. LOL!

Re: Getting Off The Migraine Medication:
I’m feeling much better today. My detox off those migraine pills has officially ended. Yesterday was so bizarre. It was like my body was trying so hard to readjust to life without medication that it was flipping me upside down. I think I cried like 25 times yesterday – no joke! Bill would just hug me until it passed and it would pass as quickly as it would come. FOR NO REASON.

We went to see my mother yesterday and during the car ride to Astoria I think I cried 3 times. I never felt such a thing! But IT’S OVER – I’ve detoxed and am back to normal (I think…).

I have SO MANY recipes to post this week! I made my Nanna cook all of my favorite things so a) I can have a record of it for myself and b) share it with all of you. I’m not sure if you are going to like some of the Maltese dishes she made, but I grew up on them and love the flavors to pieces. Look out for these over the next two weeks. I want to spread them out a bit.

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  1. Allie wrote:

    I broke down and bought an iced tea maker. It makes a world of difference. So much easier than waiting for the hot water, etc. And the tea is great. Plus, with the one I bought, you can use bags or loose tea. It was so worth it. I don’t buy bottled beverages anymore and it saves so much money (and waste).

    Posted 6.10.10
  2. Vera wrote:

    what kind allie?????

    Posted 6.10.10
  3. Allie wrote:

    It’s an Oster Iced Tea Maker. It was about 40 dollars. You can fill the pitcher with ice and it makes it instantly cold, or make it a little more concentrated by just putting some water in the bottom of the pitcher instead of ice. It’s totally worth it. I would always say I was going to make iced tea and while it’s not hard to make, it’s a bit of a process and when I’m busy I never get to it.

    Posted 6.10.10
  4. Leslie wrote:

    Vera, I don’t know what is going on re: your migraine rx, but I will share something CRAZY that happened to me w/a certain migraine rx called Topamax. I was on it last summer for seizures. I now list it as an rx I am allergic to because it turned me into a different person. Initially Topamax was great, but then it turned on me and I became deeply depressed. I had insomnia w/it terribly also. At one point, Todd thought I had stopped breathing so he called 911. I wound up hospitalized for 1 day. It was really scary. I know a lot of people have good luck w/Topamax, but I sure did not! I’ve been better since I’ve been off of it (re: seizures)…re: migraines, I am on 2 rx’s and STILL am having migraines. I am going to find a new neurologist.
    Anyway, I hope you are feeling much better. I wanted to share that with you so you know you’re not alone in this rx struggle. Take care!

    Posted 6.10.10
  5. Leslie wrote:

    Also – you weaned yourself off the rx slowly right? I know you don’t want to talk about WHY you went off them, but I hope that you are not suffering from migraines any longer.

    Posted 6.10.10
  6. Leslie wrote:

    Last post! TEA – this is the best tea I have ever tasted…I love it! I’ve never found it in stores though.

    Posted 6.10.10
  7. Vera Sweeney wrote:

    I made the HUGE mistake of cutting myself off cold turkey. That was the issue!! Today I am much better though and I am going to try to stay off of them for a while. We will see if the migraines settle down once my body gets back to normal.

    Today I had a great day.

    Posted 6.10.10
  8. Leslie wrote:

    Yes, that will do it, girl. I did that once w/anti-depressants. I was suddenly giddy which was kinda nice, kinda manic, LOL!
    Glad you are better! xo

    Posted 6.10.10

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