Sadly, Just Canceled Our Trip To Hawaii

Just a quick update:

Bill and I have been watching the news obsessively trying to keep up to date on what’s happening with Japan. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to be clearing up. In fact, I have a feeling the government isn’t releasing the worst of the worst. To be safe, we canceled our trip to Hawaii.

Now is not the time to venture to the Pacific.

My prayers and thoughts are with those in the region.

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  1. Kyle wrote:

    Can you reschedule it for later on? Or go somewhere else during the time you were supposed to go?

    Posted 3.27.11
  2. Hawaii is safe wrote:

    Oh no! Please do not let alarmist news stop you from having a dream tropical vacation! I live in Hawaii (Big Island) and we have some of the top scientists in the world that live here because of our unique ecosystem, and they have been monitoring levels of radiation. My brother is also a nuclear engineer and he said the levels of radiation that could reach Hawaii and the west coast are wayyy smaller than the radiation emitted by other things, like coal plants. I am sad to see that the news is being reckless with information and is not only making Hawaii look unsafe, but is helping to ruin our tourism industry. ARG!

    Posted 3.27.11
  3. Maria J wrote:

    You really don’t need to worry about radiation in Hawaii, there are at least 20 countries closer to Japan than Hawaii. As the previous poster said, don’t let the overexagerations in the news put you off from enjoying a holiday 3500 miles away from Japan. You deserve a break, go and enjoy!

    Posted 3.27.11
  4. ppd wrote:

    I’d rather be safe than sorry. Even if it is an overreaction, I don’t think it’s worth the worry.

    Posted 3.28.11
  5. lizzys wrote:
    i bet your mom is happy:)

    Posted 3.28.11
  6. Vanessa wrote:

    Aloha from Hawaii! We did not cancel our trip (currently on it now) and it couldn’t be more beautiful or safe, as the above poster from Hawaii stated. Furthermore, hotel staff have told us Japanese tourism is such a huge chunk of their business and everyone is hurting. It feels good to help out! Plus you might be able to renegotiate for better rates and still enjoy this beautiful, safe state and for the moment, slightly less crowded beaches.

    Posted 3.28.11
  7. Deb wrote:

    I think you are doing the right thing. I have been very closely monitoring it, and I don’t believe a word TEPCO is saying. The situation is getting worse daily. It isn’t just scare mongering. The thing is, you don’t know when the situation is going to suddenly get worse. I think the best thing is to take your vacation when things have settled down. The point of the vacation is to relax and not worry.

    Posted 3.28.11
  8. Vera wrote:

    Believe me I am so BUMMED – but as much as I want to be positive, I KNOW that the Japanese government is trying to minimize hysteria. They are minimizing the amount of info they are releasing to the public, and I think I’m going to sit this one out. It would have been an absolute PERFECT vacation for our 10 year. I loved our honeymoon there and I will eventually bring my children back to the islands – but not right now. 🙁

    Posted 3.28.11
  9. Jo wrote:

    It is wise to do what feels right for you. I wouldn’t hesitate in going to Hawaii because, given all the information available by the radiation monitoring systems in various different countries, I think it is more than safe to do so. However, I don’t have young children so my decision might be different if I had to take them into consideration. I’m sure you will have a fantastic anniversary wherever you decide to go, the important thing is that you will be with your loved ones 🙂

    Posted 3.28.11

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