Now I Have To Redecorate My Entire House Thanks To Genevieve Gorder And Home Goods #homegoodshappyresolutions


Yesterday afternoon I attended a Home Goods Event to take a look at some of the amazing offerings the brand currently has in store. The host for the day for HGTV goddess Genevieve Gorder. If you ever sat down to watch a decorating show in your lifetime, that name rings a bell. She is one of the most influential names in the space. So, it completely makes sense that the two collaborated on this initiative.

Unfortunately for me…. or should I say for my husband… I now want to redo my ENTIRE HOUSE. I am QUITE LITERALLY heading over to Home Goods RIGHT NOW. AS SOON as I finish this post I am BOOKING IT and heading out the door because my eyes have been opened.  My frames are too matchy matchy, my toy bins are all made of plastic and there is just all types of wrong happening throughout my bedroom.


But let’s get back to Home Goods and not my obsessive need to do over my life. Genevieve walked us through the loft and pointed out key pieces in each room noting that Home Goods sells the very same styles for significantly less. I’m talking thousands less in some situations (if you are talking larger pieces like beds, couches etc).

She also noted that sometimes a chair can change the feel of an entire room. Or to take it a step further – simply layering a blanket and a pillow on a chair can completely alter the look and feel of the corner. You don’t have to spend a lot to transform a space. And that’s what Home Goods is about!

Designer Pointers:

Mixed Metals are in — think dining room table centerpieces

Drink carts — variety of bottles on top, lots of glasses on the bottom

Bedroom comforter — get creative with mixing and matching different blankets and sets. Find the happy medium when it comes to pillows.

home_goods_happy home_goods_happy2

We also spoke a bit about parents and storage. This is the part where I just about fell on the floor. I made a video about the whole thing to REALLY capture what I felt like during this moment — check it out.

LOL! Can you stand it. Ok — now go to Home Goods and do yourself a favor. Get rid of those plastic bins and join the decorative revolution!

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  1. Jane wrote:

    I love the vibrant colors. I have to get those multi color throw pillows for my new sofa & love seat . We are redoing evertthing at once.

    Posted 9.20.13

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