Random Must Haves: A Few Of My Favorite Finds That I Cannot Live Without

Random – that’s what this list will be – totally random. But I figured I’d do a quick consolidated list of my recent favorite finds instead of drawing it all over over the next week or so with individual posts.

If you are looking to add some new shows / music / gadgets / games – here are my top recent picks.

Spartacus – we watched the finale earlier this week and I am STILL thinking about it! Did you watch this season? HOLY SMOKES!!!! EVERYTHING HAPPENED DURING THAT LAST EPISODE!!! I was SHOCKED – especially Lucretia’s scene. SHOCKED. Ok, I will end the caps… but only if you promise to give this series a shot. And if you start – start at season 1. You have to watch it the entire way through to truly enjoy it.

Gotye – I downloaded a few of their songs (Hearts a Mess, Thanks for Your Time, Night Drive) and really enjoy their sound. If you are looking for new music, this is the place to start.

Mophie – sort of rocked my world. If you are an iPhone user, you know that your battery is short lived. Well, the Mophie recharges your phone. It’s a case that works magic! Only problem is that it’s a little bulky. But I’m so over that! I can get a few extra hours out of my phone and that’s all that matters.

Sugarland – Apparently, this band is super famous and has been around for ages. Really? I just got into them last month or so after attending the Red Dress Awards with Campbells. I think I have about 15 of their songs in rotation. GREAT SOUND. And she is adorable in person!

Game of Thrones – just started up again. This is another show you need to watch from the beginning! Please do not jump into this new season without watching the last. There are books out but I am told it’s a bit hard to follow because of how many characters / story lines are in play. GREAT SHOW!!!

Ok so I’m sort of cheating here. I’m not actually attempting to learn a new language… yet. BUT I’m thinking about it! I mean really thinking about it! Was thinking about enrolling the kids in a class once a week and sitting in on it – so we can learn together. Is that funny??? I don’t know. But I think it’s important.

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  1. Sherry wrote:

    With the kids and learning another language – do it! Kids pick it up and retain it so much easier than we do as adults. I vote yes!

    Posted 4.6.12
  2. Amy wrote:

    I looked into a language immersion program for kids in Garden City called the Spanish Immersion Workshop http://www.spanishiw.com. It is a little pricey but looks wonderful and they offer a free intro class. My husband is Cuban and fluent in Spanish but never speaks it to the kids. All the spanish they (and I!) know is from Dora. 🙂

    Posted 4.6.12
  3. dani wrote:

    strong lover of rosetta stone- my copy does not owrk on my new mac so slightly angry though!
    but love it all thes ame

    Posted 4.6.12
  4. Wendy wrote:

    I first heard of Sugarland when they were on Sesame Street. Very enjoyable segment. 🙂

    Posted 4.6.12
  5. Wendy T wrote:

    I do believe that a second language is very important – particularly to future generations. My son knows he is expected to take two years of one language in high school (expected from me, not the school). He understands why. I’ve told him from day one if he and another job candidate are pretty equally qualified with international relations expanding exponentially as they are, the language part of it will very likely tip it in his favor.

    Oddly enough, his father (whom I rarely agree with) told my son he’d buy him Rosetta Stone and he could test out of the language class while still getting credit. Can you say whattheheck?!!

    Comment is acting as an entry to the CVS contest.

    Posted 4.7.12

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