Out With Shoes, In With MBTs

Have you heard of the new movement against shoes? Apparently, they’re no good for our posture and don’t have a positive effect on our bodies!! Who knew? MBTs are the very opposite of what shoes are. They’re good for your feet in a variety of ways.

MBTs are footwear that can fit into any part of your lifestyle. They are different from shoes, in that they are not flat at the base. The base of the shoe is curved so that each step you take is a rolling action. This helps you stand up straighter, giving you better balance. There are also small muscles surrounding the larger muscles that are the body’s natural shock absorbers. With normal shoes, these muscles are not allowed to work. With MBTs, these muscles are activated and strengthened. Also, the action of rolling activates muscles in the stomach, legs and back, leading to you getting a workout by just walking. Your back and joints are also less stressed than with normal shoes.

Though you may have seen many shoes like this claiming to tone the body, MBT is the only one with real benefits throughout the entire body. You’ve probably already seen many sneakers like MBTs. The designers at MBT know that you can’t wear sneakers everyday so they provide designs to fit every area of your life. For women, there are sandals, boots and work-appropriate shoes, where the rolled base is barely visible. For men, there are sleek dress shoes, work shoes and sneakers. MBTs also come in all black and brown.

For more information on MBTs, go to www.mbt.com.
Originally written by Tabitha

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