Ode To The Small Cutting Board


Last night I was making a salad for my husband and I didn’t have my larger chopping board available because it was already in the dish washer. Luckily, I also own a smaller version which I grabbed out of the drawer. While I was chopping away, I wondered why I just didn’t automatically go for the smaller option to begin with. I mean, how much cutting board do you really need when you are dealing with one small vegetable?

That’s when it hit me – the need to share this little tidbit of information. Do you own a smaller cutting board? If not, I think you need to invest in one. There’s so much LESS to wash when you use the mini-version and odds are you’d be able to fit it anywhere in your dishwasher – unlike the standard size.

This orange one is from Crate and Barrel. Do you own a variety of cutting boards?

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