My Mini-Stockpile: I’m Not That Extreme!


I decided to get a little organized with all my beauty products. I’ve been couponing for a few months now and have since given a TON of stuff away to family and friends. This is what I am left with after taking care of my mom, grandmother, mother-in-law and neighbors.

Everything in my basement was pretty much free. Every week I usually spend around $2-4 out of pocket. ย I thought it would be worse – but it’s not that bad!!!



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  1. Sherry wrote:

    That’s the kind of stockpile I’d love to have – shampoos, toiletries, etc. I don’t need 65 bottles of mustard like some of the women on ‘Extreme Couponing’ ROFL. but diapers and things like you have would be awesome. I really hope we get a CVS close by one of these years… In the meantime, I’m attempting to get the hang of some of the deals.

    Posted 5.26.11
  2. Mee!! wrote:

    Hey vera, i just started trying to coupon. I don’t know how things can be free though. Like do you look for sales and then manufacturer coupons that double?
    For example, your jergens lotion and soaps. Can u give an example of how you got those free please?

    Thanks! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Posted 5.26.11
  3. lizzys wrote:

    i’d love to get a gift basket full of this stuff!!!!

    Posted 5.27.11
  4. Vera wrote:

    I never buy things just because they are on sale. I buy them when they are on sale, I have coupons AND I get Extra Reward Bucks back from CVS. This is all from CVS. So for example, the lotions are usually bought when there is a deal when you can get $4 for $12 (let’s say). I usually have B1G1 free coupons which brings the price down to about $6 – and then I use Extra Reward Bucks from the week before to pay the difference.

    When I first started – I had to shell out like $20 bucks to CVS to get the ball rolling. Now for the last 4 months or so, I’ve been reusing that $20 bucks over and over again. I only buy things I know I will make money on. So I’ve been able to take home about $40 worth of goods each week and spend maybe $3 or so out of my pocket in CASH. The rest is paid by Extra Reward Bucks. See this video I made:

    Posted 5.27.11
  5. Looks good to me — I’d like to get into a bit of couponing, but I don’t think I know where to start!

    Posted 5.27.11
  6. Whitney wrote:

    Vera, I’m so fascinated by this. I’d love to try and save a little money (I’m the WORST) but honestly the idea of starting is so daunting. Do you spend tons of time trying to clip coupons & figure out what is on sale?

    And what does the check out person say as you are handing them all of these coupons? Are they like, hello you crazy woman? Or more like, woohoo you go. Or is this a totally normal thing to do at CVS?

    Posted 5.27.11
    • Vera wrote:

      Do you spend tons of time trying to clip coupons & figure out what is on sale?
      I spend like an hour a week – but I enjoy doing it on my own. I get up early on Sunday and its my quiet time. I also cut my coupons during that hour from the paper.

      And what does the check out person say as you are handing them all of these coupons?

      Nothing. They think it’s amazing!

      Are they like, hello you crazy woman?
      LOL! no – but I always go when it’s SUPER early. Like im there at 7/730 in the morning because I don’t want to deal with holding anyone up on line.

      Or is this a totally normal thing to do at CVS?

      I don’t know? When I shop – no one is ever there! Sunday at 7AM is a ghost town. But I LIKE IT LIKE THAT! ๐Ÿ™‚

      Posted 5.28.11
  7. Jessica wrote:

    Oh gosh. I have to admit I have one too. But I do the Walgreens and CVS, so my stock pile is a bit bigger. Sometimes I buy free items at the grocery store, like the 20 jars of peter pan peanut butter for .25 each. My 4 teenagers inhale peanut butter so it wont last thru the summer.

    Posted 5.27.11
  8. Veronica L wrote:

    I think you’re stockpile looks awesome and I am glad to see that you are not “Extreme” like those on the TLC show. When I started couponing about three years ago I told my husband that I would get only what we need & could use but I would never hoard the stuff. You would be amazed how many people though around my grocery stores/drug stores that you would find that does not have the sentiments ๐Ÿ™ Hugs and thanks for sharing!

    I added this comment for the Queen Anneโ€™s Revenge Lego Playset giveaway. I am trying my best to to get some extra entries to win this for my oldest son LOL! Thanks again!


    Posted 6.3.11

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