My Family Visited The Great Wolf Lodge In The Pocono Mountains



I was invited for an overnight stay at The Great Wolf Lodge in the Pocono Mountains to witness the company break a Guinness World Record. What an experience! While I wasn’t part of the 3AM sliders (since it was a 24 hour event) I have to applaud their efforts and accomplishment.


We arrived fairly late because Natalie had school, dropped our bags in the room and found… bunk beds. I think Natalie and Liam passed out with excitement. Personally, I almost had a heart attack. My children are 4 and 2 and all I kept thinking about was a late night accident. We found some chairs in the room and pushed them along Liam’s bed to secure him in. I felt better – the kids were still flipping out with joy.

Once they got over the madness we headed to the buffet which had a nice assortment of kid friendly food. Everything your child would want – chicken fingers, pasta with butter, PB&J etc. I had no worries about pleasing their taste buds.



Then we hit the park. Luckily Great Wolf provided life vests, but the kids still had a hard time swimming with them. Several times I found Liam face down in the water unable to stand up. So if you’re children are young and don’t know how to swim – please don’t rely full on those vests!! Just a mother’s warning I need to send out.

The water park is split into several sections. There was a little kid pool which had 4 slides, a little basketball area, and a ton of fountains. Everyone had a great time exploring each section. I’d say this was the calmest area of the room. But all you had to do was climb a few stairs and BAM!! You immediately entered this water wonderland. Dumping pails, shooting guns, hoses, sprayers – they had it all!


All the way to the back was a wave pool, a lazy river (which I enjoyed) and the bigger slides. Kids had to be either 42 or 48 inches tall to ride, so we were out of luck. This was the part of the park that made me wish I went WITHOUT the kids. Bill and I would have been all over those slides had we not had the kids in tow. But so is parenthood right?

As I said, the slides were continuously in use – the Great Wolf Lodge broke a world record for most slides logged in a 24 hour period. And from what I hear… they broke it by a tremendous amount.


If you become waterlogged, there are a few other things to do on site. You could check out their girl spa called Scoops on the bottom floor that smelt like chocolate. YUM!  Tiaras and all – your daughter can wear a pink robe while getting a facial and a pedicure. If I recall, a facial ran around $50. So something to consider –  if you are on a budget avoid this area. LOL!

Oh and moms – there’s also a REAL spa for us, however I didn’t get a chance to check it out. Again… blaming those darn kids. There’s always next time. 😉

Other activities included a racing room, karaoke, tech center, arcade, and story time throughout the day. The lodge certainly has you covered.



Did I mention there was a Starbucks on the premises? Yeah…best part of my Saturday morning for sure was waking up to a BTL while on vacation. Heaven.

So all in all we had a fun time. If the children were a few years older, I probably wouldn’t have been so nervous. You can’t have a conversation with someone and turn away from the kids for one minute. In a second, they were running to another slide which would be fine if they were 8 or 9… but at 2, I wasn’t ready to let Liam have free run of the room. In 5 years, this would have been a much different trip for me. I would have joined all the moms who were casually reading books and talking to friends on the lounge chairs while their older kids were having the time of their lives.

My advice would be to bring along the grandparents for an extra set of eyes if you have young children. That will also allow you and your mate to enjoy the older slides without the kids. I’m a big kid myself and would have loved to try all the slides the Great Lodge had to offer, but because I had to monitor my little ones, I only rode the one they were trying to break the record with. Believe me – EACH of the slides deserve their own ride. They looked AMAZING!!!

Luckily my family lives a half a mile away from the Lodge! If I wanted to visit again, I doubt I would have any issues getting them to come along with me for the day. The Great Wolf Lodge has 12 locations to choose from if you are in the market for some indoor water park fun:

* Charlotte-Concord, NC
* Grand Mound, WA
* Grapevine, TX
* Kansas City, KS
* Mason, OH
* Niagara Falls, Canada
* Pocono Mountains, PA
* Sandusky, OH
* Sheboygan, WI
* Traverse City, MI
* Williamsburg, VA
* Wisconsin Dells, WI

The kids are still talking about the trip BEGGING us to drive back. Natalie is insisting we get her bunk beds and Liam keeps talking about the water guns. The Lodge definitely made an impression. Click here for more information.


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