My Day At Belmont Stakes


Yesterday, Bill and I headed to Belmont Racetrack for the Belmont Stakes. We spent a few hours with friends (and about 85,000 other people). It was super crowded but manageable. If I’m being honest, I got overwhelmed a few times and just sort of sat down and retreated from it all. If people watching was a sport – I would have won hands down.

Lots of the women were dressed to the nines. Kentucky Derby style. I was in jeans and sandals!! I had no idea it was like that. Next year, if we go again, I am going to do a few things differently – one of which is my outfit of choice.


I think our little group consisted of about 10/12 people. I bet a few times on the horses and lost it all. A friend I went with did much better than us – so at least someone won! Oh and I spilled beer on my feet at least two times. My poor sandals. I’m not talking about a little drizzle. I knocked down beer cans (on two separate occasions) and they spilled entirely over my feet and sandals. Dripping wet. UGH!

I kept thinking of my poor shoes. I LOVE THEM! I’m afraid to look at them this morning.



I live fairly close to Belmont – so my town throws this street party the night before each year. They bring the gates for display which I think is so fun. We walked through them a few times. I tried to get Bill to take a pic in there but he refused me. 🙂


And each year I look forward to this wing contest that happens during the fair. About 10 different restaurants compete and it’s OH SO GOOD. I think I was more excited about this than the actual race. LOL!
Hot and spicy. Good times.

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  1. lizzys wrote:

    thanks for placing the 2.oo bet for me on Union Rags xoxoxo

    Posted 6.10.12

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