My Body Is Shaking

Ok, so as I mentioned… I joined a gym. I’m really excited about it because a bunch of my friends and family also go to the same gym. I started out easy with Yogalatis on Sunday. It was Yoga with some Pilates and weights mixed in. The lights were off. Candles were lit and at the end of the class, the instructor walked around and massaged our necks with this eucalyptus oil. Bliss.

Last night, I did a cardio dance class. Again, the lights were off but this time they had club lights blaring. People were screaming and excited. After 35 minutes, I had to bail. I could NOT handle it all. Gotta take it slow right?

Well, this morning I woke up and felt good. My friends were taking a 9:30 AM class and I said… WHY NOT?! I ran to the gym and got thrown all around.

  • 20 minutes spin
  • 20 minutes kick boxing cardio
  • 20 minutes abs

Do you understand what I am telling you? FREAKING spin! I am dying. My body is shaking and I can barely type these letters on the computer. Holy hell. I am so out of shape.

I am taking the next 2 days off. It’s just too much for this frail frame of mine. I’m not used to this much action!! LOL

Have you tried spin before? LORD HELP ME – those are 20 minutes I will never forget.

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  1. Gloria wrote:

    Spin is no joke! That is one tough cardio jolt!

    Posted 11.29.11
  2. Amy wrote:

    Spin is awesome. It’s the worst to start – sore butt, legs, and lungs. Stick with it and you will see awesome results! Especially your legs!

    Posted 11.29.11
  3. Becky wrote:

    I did one spin class for an hour…60 minutes…and my butt has never hurt so much! It was hardcore and I hurt my knee…spin is definitely an adjustment…the teacher told me the first six classes suck but then it’s amazing. I may try again! I did a cardio kickbox class and hated it…I’m just not coordinated enough! I like weights and cardio equipment…but maybe I’ll spin again thanks to you!


    Posted 11.29.11
  4. harolina wrote:

    nooo, don’t stop going. walk the treadmill or do another yoga class to stretch out your muscles. but don’t take 2 days off. you have to push through it…what’s that saying “no pain, no gain”…yeah well there you have it. keep rocking vera!

    Posted 11.29.11
  5. Beth wrote:

    I’ve never tried spin…too scared and from what u said about it i think i will continue to hold off. I do take a step class with club music twice a week and a cardiofusion class but none of the classes are with the lights off. That would be fun! I might suggest that to my instructor. Keep going to the gym Vera! It’s hard at first but will pay off in a few months. You’ll have a lot more energy too!

    Posted 11.29.11
  6. Nadine wrote:

    Yeah it is no joke!! I remeber the beginning, hardly being able to walk out of the class………..I do an hour twice a week now, I am used to it now, so thinking of bumping up to 3 times a week, but the mental barrier is a huge one…..
    You will start to really feel good after about two weeks of regular sessions Vera, don’t give it up, it is good for your whole body and mind!

    Posted 11.30.11
  7. Vera wrote:

    guys seriously – i cant move today
    but im not stopping

    Posted 11.30.11
  8. Katie wrote:

    I’ve never tried spin, but I think you’ve scared me away for good lol!

    This comment is entering me again into the 2nd of 5 $100 CVS/pharmacy Gift Card giveaway 😀 Great deal guys…check out the post!

    Posted 11.30.11
  9. Maria G wrote:

    try walking so your muscles feel better and maybe some stretching too. You’ll feel better if you warm them up 😉

    Posted 12.1.11

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