Meet PackIt: a new option for cooling on the go

PackIt is basically a freezable cooler bag that will keep your lunch, drinks or baby meals & bottles chilled and oh so conveniently so. This little pack sits waiting at the ready in your freezer and unfolds to provide a very nice lunch bag styled cooler bag that will keep contents cold for up to 10 hours. No toting dripping ice packs around with your soggy lunch. No more wondering if your Kindergartener will leave his ice pack on the school lunch table again.

This clever pouch has freezable sides, so it’s ready to go when you are. All you have to do is freeze it and pack it up with whatever you need to bring with you and you are ready to go. And it does work. PackIt starts out in conveniently folded into a size that is very easy to store in your freezer. It doesn’t take up much more space than most ice packs. For its first test run I froze it, opened it up and dropped in a stainless water bottle filled with chilled water and ice, then left it overnight. 12 hours later the bag was no longer frozen, but the water was so cold it hurt my teeth. It was still icy cold, cubes still floating in the bottle after 12 hours of sitting out on the kitchen counter. The bag itself feels a bit heavy when  frozen, but really no heavier than a regular lunch bag & ice pack combo, but it is so nice not to have that ice pack to lug around or dripping on your lunch. It’s also PVC/lead free, non-toxic, earth safe and a good option for school use.  You won’t have to worry about what is touching or leaking on your child’s lunch. It doesn’t have a zip top, but it is a nice size, especially since no interior space is taken up by an ice pack. The velcro closure is secure and there’s a handle on top. Another plus, when you’re done you’re not carrying around that soggy, dripping ice pack for the rest of the day, just a nice bag than can be rolled flat and tucked away or neatly carry your leftovers home. With a 10 hours of expected cooling, that will get you through a full day of fun, work or school.

Designed by 2 single moms, this is a product that was inspired by daily life with children, so it’s bound to fit into any busy household on the go. PackIt is available in 7 colors to match any taste. and retails for $19.99.  Also available is the Service Wine Bag, which will hold wine, large drink bottles or a much larger meal. For more information or to purchase please visit the PackIt site.

*PackIt provided a sample for review

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  1. Julia wrote:

    I am a new convert – LOVE this product. So smart, smart!

    Posted 11.18.10

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