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Marshalls Confidence Class With Emmanelle Chriqui @Marshalls


Marshalls recently did some studies on women and confidence and discovered that an overwhelming number of them wished they could be more confident. They held a series of confidence classes to help us help you become more confident starting with amazing fall fashion. Experts in career, dating and social life, including actress Emmanuelle Chriqui were on hand to give us valuable tips on how to feel and exude more confidence. We also got to check out the latest from Marshalls which were on the display around the venue.


First up was NYC dating coach, Tracey Steinberg.

Tracey Steinberg

She told us that the thing that makes a woman most attractive is her confidence. It just emanates from you if you possess it. She said a great way to portray confidence is with a genuine smile. Here are some tips she gave for being confident on a date:

  1. Sprinkle genuine compliments during the date. This can lead to the other person feeling appreciated and lets them know you’re paying attention to them.
  2. Flirt with your eyes
  3. Use their name several times in the conversation
  4. Have a light, breezy demeanor

Bonus tip: Men are most attracted to the color red! If you really want to have him sweating, break out a form fitting red dress or leather handbag from Marshalls and sit back while the compliments flow.

Next up was career expert Nicole Williams.

NIcole Williams copy

She led us in an exercise to find a few women whose professional style we admire and list some attributes about their personal brand. I picked Nicole Richie. I think she’s stylish, effortless and unique. Nicole told us that everyone has a personal brand that they present on interviews or any situation where we are trying to impress someone. Here are some of her top tips:

  1. Play down the sexy. In a professional setting, you want to be taken seriously. You can’t do that if people are too distracted by your legs in a short skirt, or your tight dress. Marshalls carries designer clothing that are very appropriate for the work environment.
  2. If you can’t walk in heels, do not wear them. Nothing says unprofessional like a woman who wobbles into a room in heels that make her look uncomfortable. Marshalls has a ton of options to choose from in the shoe department.
  3. During an interview or when in a situation when you’re trying to impress someone, sometimes we may focus on getting our elevator pitch out. It’s worth it to listen more in these situations. Tale the time beforehand to research the person on LinkedIn so that you can ask relevant questions.
  4. Always try on clothes beforehand. People often purchase new clothes for interviews but it’s worth it to wear the outfit a few times before the big day to ensure there are no fit issues like a skirt that rides up your thighs or a slit that’s too high.
  5. As a mom, invest in easy, washable, comfortable clothes that can transition from work to day. Dark clothes and stretchy clothes are also great go-tos when in a bind.

Bonus tip: You can’t go wrong with a great jacket. Don’t forget to update your outerwear. It’s the first thing people see in the colder months.

Actress Emmanuelle Chriqui spoke about learning confidence in your social life.

Emanuelle Chriqui

Here are her tips on posing for a good picture:

  1. Give angle to your arms. Put them on your hips. When you place them on your waist, it immediately makes your waist look smaller.
  2. Cross your legs to elongate your body. This is especially key when you’re wearing a short skirt.
  3. Try not to stick one leg out. This angle is weird on camera. Put the feet together and bend one on a slight angle at the knee.

Bonus tip: Don’t take selfies too seriously. If you’re having fun with one, take the picture from the top by sticking your arm all the way out at an angle over your head.

Emmanuelle also told us that she meditates for 20 minutes twice a day. Before a red carpet, she also meditates. This helps block out all the extra messages of insecurity and doubt that can flood someone in the public eye. She said it has been a conscious effort on her part to not be overexposed in the media. “The notion of disappearing into a role doesn’t work if everyone knows everything about you. When I tweet or instagram, it’s usually 80% work or promotions or charity work. Every now and again, I’ll post something personal but I rarely do it,” she said.


The Marshalls Confidence Class was super informative. The three experts offered great ways to be more confident and own a situation. Marshalls offers clothes that can diversify your wardrobe and suit every mood and situation, from dating to the office to an interview. The best part is that their designer clothes are at a discount so you don’t have to break the bank to feel good about what you wear.

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For more information on Marshalls, click here.

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