Make Your Manicure Last Longer With This Quick Tip #bestofbeauty

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I went to CVS yesterday to buy sunscreen and found some cheap sparkle nail polish ($1.99) on sale that I couldn’t resist. I snagged it and figured I would make use of it eventually.

While unpacking my goods, I had a thought. A lightbulb popped right up over mah head! Sparkle nail polish would be a great camouflage for chipped nails. Nowadays, you don’t have to follow any particular rules. Sparkle nail polish on just two nails? OK – that works!! Want to do four instead – that’s fine too. The more off beat the better.

When you have a chip or two, cover it up with clear sparkle polish. It will buy you at least another day or two of that manicure you just paid for.

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