Easy DIY Chalkboard Craft Project: Make It Better With Martha

Making a DIY Chalkboard is easy – especially with the help of Marth Stewart! Channel your own Inner Martha with this step by step DIY Chalkboard tutorial. 

diy chalk board

My daughter loves arts and craft projects. So, when I received a box from Martha Stewart with a DIY Chalkboard inside, I just knew Natalie would want to get involved.

Here’s everything you need to get started:

To see a complete video of this project, be sure to visit the Martha Stewart website. Otherwise, take a look at my daughter in action below!!

diy chalk board tutorial

DIY Chalkboard Directions:

  1. Paint the backing of the frame with Chalkboard Paint and let dry. Paint a second coat for even coverage.
  2. Once the Chalkboard Paint is dry, tape down the Chalkboard Stencils using Stencil Tape. My daughter wanted to use BOTH words that came on the stencil, but you can just choose one to make the chalkboard have a singular theme.
  3. Use Erasable Liquid Chalk to write out your ideas and create designs. The Erasable Liquid Chalk won’t smudge, but can be removed with a damp paper towel.
  4. Remove the stencil immediately as the paint is still wet.
  5. Once Liquid Chalk design is dry, insert the chalkboard piece into a frame and enjoy!

how to make your own diy chalkboard craft

Think about it! There are so many different ways you can use this chalkboard.

  1. Daily Menu Announcements
  2. Words of Inspirations for your Family
  3. Task List
  4. Funny Quotes
  5. Important Reminders
  6. Countdowns
  7. … and more

I just loved watching Natalie take complete control of this project! Super fun and easy to do.

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