First Look! The Zelfs Pega Sue: Pegasus Zelf Toy Review (VIDEO)

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Really cute! I had the chance to check out Pega Sue from the Zelfs. She’s a Pegasus Zelf and is sure to be a hit once she makes it onto the shelves this August.

Have you heard about The Zelfs yet??

The Zelfs come from the garden of Zardenia and each has a power represented by a Zelfmark, colorful spike-tacular and style-able hair, pose-able arms and legs and matching charms and hair accessories that girls can use to style and tame their Zelf’s crazy hair.

Available to collect in three sizes – small, medium and large – there are more than 12 Zelf characters, including the ultra-rare Miss Clover!
Watch the video to learn more.

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  1. lily wrote:

    I love the toy. Although its hair is now dirty and gross. Do you know how to wash its hair?? Please reply!

    Posted 11.10.13

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