Limited Posting For The Week: We Are On The Disney Dream!

Hey Gang!

My blog is slim pickings this week, right? So sorry for not getting some posts together before the sail but packing for 5 was a HORROR SHOW. I could not get it together. We booked this trip when I was on bed rest still baking Caleb. So, this vacation is a celebration of his joyous life, my 12 years of marriage with my husband and both my husband and my birthday (we have the same birthday – can you believe that?)

So, basically – we are running around overeating and making memories. I will have so much to share when I get home!! Things will return to normal on the 11th! So sorry for slowing down but I had to take advantage of this time off with the kids. I’m here with my in-laws, my mom and first cousin AS WELL AS 4 families from town. We are a HUGE group and the Disney Cruise is not disappointing .

Until this weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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