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Let’s Talk About Invisalign Because The Kids Are READY

Have you been thinking about Invisalign lately? Me too. Here’s the deal. I had braces as a child. And you know what? My kids are all going to need a little help in the teeth department, too. It’s ok. I’ve accepted that. Every single time I look at my middle child, that hard truth smacks me in the face. But nowadays, there are so many different options, right? And I was so curious about Invisalign in particular because you don’t have to have that metal mouth look anymore.

Let's Talk About Invisalign Because The Kids Are READY

Let’s Talk About Invisalign Because The Kids Are READY

Let’s be honest – that was never in fashion and it will never be in fashion!

I survived braces… like so many of you probably did. But you better believe that if Invisalign existed in my time, that is what I would have had as a tween. WHY NOT?! Invisalign as an alternative to braces and Invisalign Teen is available to pre-teens and teens which means they are TALKING TO ME!!!

Researching Invisalign

I did a little research and wanted to share what I learned. Might as well, right? I’m sure you and me are in the same boat. I have three kids and right now I can guarantee that two of them need help with their smiles. It’s always good to know all the facts and to put those myths to rest.

Researching Invisalign

(In case you can’t read this infograph, click here. My blog does funny things with long images.)

So, let’s just focus on Invisalign Teen because I’m selfish and it’s all about me and my parental needs. These clear aligners straighten teeth without traditional wires and brackets. Your teens can keep on smiling without having to worry about hiding all that metal.  They are also removable which means that brushing and flossing will not be a problem. Oh and no food restrictions either!

Teens and tweens can lose self-confidence in an instance. Especially in today’s “selfie” world. It’s all about taking millions of pictures and posting them online instantly, right? There’s no need for teens to hold back or feel they’re missing out on anything when straightening their teeth with Invisalign.

Do Your Kids Play Sports?

With Invisalign, Teens can play sports without fear of injury and continue cheerleading, musical instruments, acting and singing without interference. R-E-M-O-V-A-B-L-E.

Oh! And remember all those emergency visits to the ortho because of a broken wire or bracket? What?! I couldn’t have been the only one! Well, you don’t have to worry about those visits anymore either.

Invisalign Teen is just as effective as traditional wire and bracket braces and can correct the most common teeth straitening issues —  from severe cases to more minor, cosmetic adjustments. I LOVE this because my two kids have very different needs. One needs a lot of help and one needs just minor adjustments. It’s good to know that Invisalign can work on BOTH of them.

Not all orthodontists specialize in Invisalign Teen. Visit and select “find a doctor” to locate experienced Invisalign and Invisalign Teen doctors in your area.

But What About The Price?

Invisalign Teen costs about the same as braces and is covered by most dental insurance policies just like traditional braces — (up to 50% of the cost may be covered by insurance). Check out the cost calculator here.

Flexible Spending Health Savings Accounts (HSA’s) can be used for Invisalign, making money go farther with pre-tax dollars.

Invisalign Before And After

Will My Kids Actually Wear Their Invisalign ?

Teens are actually more compliant in wearing their aligners than adults, and they don’t lose them very often either.

But just in case… Invisalign Teen includes up to six free replacement aligners, although clinical data from orthodontists confirms that teens wear their aligners an average of 21 hours per day, just as recommended.

How Will I Be Sure?

Small blue dots, officially called compliance indicators, gradually fade as aligners are worn. It’s a quick visual check for doctors, teens and parents to confirm aligners are being worn enough to get results.

Click here to learn exactly HOW Invisalign works.


Check Out The Smile Assessment Tool!!

If you ever thought about correcting your smile or the smile of your child, use the Invisalign Smile Assessment tool. It’s so easy to walk through.

But Won’t My Child’s Teeth Just Revert Back To Their Original Position??

Setting it Straight:  Studies show that without retainers straight teeth can gradually shift back towards their initial position. This is a common occurrence with all orthodontic treatment including braces, but is one that can easily be overcome. Ask your doctor. about Vivera retainers from the makers of Invisalign.

Have you or someone you’ve known used Invisalign? And if so, what was their experience?

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