‘Lady And The Blog’ Attends The Ting Tings Concert Sponsored By The Kin



Summer season is around the corner and to the music fanatics it means concerts season!  But wait!! It gets more exciting; your favorite bands are playing for free. All thanks to the KIN SPOT events.

The KIN revolutionized the way we find out information- all via the power of social media. Information about the concerts is revealed one detail at a time on KIN’s facebook fan page, with the final locations being shared just in time for you to get out of the door and hop on the train. {DID YOU READ OUR REVIEW?}


I attended The Ting Tings concert last week and the energy was amazing. People literally ran to the location which was announced just hours before the show began. The concert lasted almost an hour with The Ting Tings playing some of the favorite songs. At the end of the show we even got free t-shirts and signed disks!

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Written by Victoria

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