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Kid-Friendly Meals That Are Healthy, Too

Picky eaters… I’m surrounded by them and I am desperate for kid friendly meals! My picky tots But picky tots won’t stop me from serving up healthy food recipes for dinner. No way. No how. I make sure to get them in every single night and I know how. The secret is in the presentation, right?

A platter with some dip. Pasta with some tomato sauce and diced up carrots. You just have to know how to play the game. Kids don’t like to have their food all meshed together. A casserole doesn’t fly in my house. When my children can’t quite make out every single ingredient, then they won’t eat it. Isn’t that wild?! They like to look and separate all of the different pieces to their pie… I mean dinner.

Kid-Friendly Meals That Are Healthy, Too

Kid-Friendly Meals That Are Healthy, Too

I wrote a post over on She Knows focusing on kid-friendly (healthy) dinner options and I would LOVE for you to check it out. The picture above is from a few nights ago. All I did was place a variety of raw veggies next to a small bowl of Hidden Valley Ranch dip. Problem… meet solution. Healthy food recipes are easier to create than you think! I think as moms we over think meal solutions. I truly do. At least, I know that I do. Especially after a long day of work. Dinner ideas for kids can feel like such a daunting task. UGH!

My main struggle is having three different kids with all different needs. They all don’t like the same thing which can be a true TEST of my patience. Hey, I’m just being honest. My daughter might do great with carrots, but then my son won’t touch them. What do I do? Do I make several different sides or do I prep myself for a huge fight? Do I accept the fact that not every meal is going to be a win? Or do I try to have my children eat everything on a plate? I can’t be the only one. 🙂 Is there such a thing as easy recipe ideas for kids? LOL! Maybe – maybe not.

Leave any tips you have here about dinner ideas for kids because I am always in the market for new ones. In fact, if you have easy dinner recipes for kids, leave a link in the comments. Would love to see.

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